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I got an email from Ray and he has some quilts that he is ready to share.  Ray was busy over the spring months working on customer quilts.  Since the snowbirds all went home, Ray is working his way through the stacks of charity quilts he has there.  I so appreciate his dedication to helping others by squeezing in time to work on them.

Ray writes:
My quilting has gone to the dogs. A Weiner dog that is.

The Cresco ladies’ creativity reigns again with this quilt. Love how they worked with the scraps to make the seemingly never-ending Weiner dog. He is so cute. I used white thread and a simple stipple motif for the quilting.

The backing is from Doreen C in IA. This quilt is headed to Guardian Ad Litem for a child in foster care as soon as Carol R. gets the binding on it. My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Doreen and Carol for your assistance in this quilt which will be cherished for years by a deserving child.”

Awesome.  I am so glad that Ray has someone that is helping him with the binding.  That’s so nice.

Ray has another quilt to share.  He writes:

“This quilt top that the Cresco ladies made some time ago is now finished and ready for donation. When this quilt came in, I was still relatively new to longarming. I love this quilt. It is very scrappy and wonky as well. The wonky side of the quilt held me back from long arming. When you are a rookie, every quilt is a challenge as you learn, learn, learn. I always thought that I would come across a class on How to long arm a wonky quilt. Never have I seen one. What I have learned is that a top is what it is unless you want to disassemble and reassemble. That is a path I do not plan on taking if at all possible. That is kind of like remodeling. Once you start, where do you stop? As I long-armed the quilt, I learned to adjust to its wonky nature. The less I tried to fight the wonky, the better the quilting proceeded. Regardless, I think this quilt came out looking great!

Some things are not meant to be changed, just accepted. Amazingly enough, I had a thread that matched the colors in the sashing and used a floral motif that was a rather open pattern.

The backing came from Deb and Pat in FL and picked up the peach color in the sashing.

My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for the makings of a beautiful quilt and a lesson to be learned in working with a wonky quilt.

I have another quilt from Ray…

He writes:
Summer is setting in down here and the commission quilts are coming in much slower. Now I get to start generating more community quilts. YEAH!!! I reached in the stack of tops in inventory and laid my hands on this beauty from Arline H, in FL.

It is a beauty!! Arline does a super job with picking fabrics and piecing. I love the bright, bold look of this quilt. I took the minimalist route with the quilting to let the top shine. I used a daisy motif with white thread. Aline also included the backing which definitely compliments the top and the binding. Great combination. My thanks to you and Arline for your generous contributions that make this quilt so very, very special.”

WOW…I think Ray really outdid himself.  These quilts all turned out great.  I am so thankful for the day Ray contacted me and said he’d like to finish some charity quilt tops.  He is a real asset to community quilts.  Many thanks to Ray and everyone who was a part of making these quilts come together.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I agree with you Jo! Ray does an amazing job on the quilts and one can tell he really considers his options for the motifs and quilting. Thanks to all who helped contribute to these beautiful quilts.

    1. Kathy Blomquist

      Ray does a great job! Loved the Wiener dog quilt. Love the way the wonky quilt turned out with wonky borders, almost like an hourglass. It’s only fitting with the wonky insides.

    2. Roberta Westbrooks

      Hi, I am new to this website, I also do some
      quilting. Not the best but I just love seeing all the
      different quilts.
      Thanks to all the sweet ladies who donated them

  2. I have a question! How do you make your quilt labels?
    I have to say I look forward to your blogs. You are a hard worker that’s for sure!

    1. Most of my community quilts go to Saint Hilary’s as a part of their outreach programs. The labels have a message (May God’s peace be with you always.), the church’s name and their logo. I found these labels with Label Weavers on the Internet at a very reasonable price. They have a step by step to design your own label but I did not have the patience. They were very nice and put it together for me. I went with a nylon fabric for the label because it is supposed to last longer and have better color retention. I use 1″ v 2.75″ labels.

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