Community Quilts from Ray

I have a bunch of mail and a bunch of community quilts coming your way in the next bit.  It always seems to go in spurts.  I love it when the finished quilt pictures come.  It makes me feel like doing the work is worth it.

This batch is from Ray.  He writes:
Just finished another quilt and wanted to share it with you. I made the top to have as a practice quilt in the spring and never got around to quilting it for a variety of reasons.

I really like the pattern which is simple and quick but can still have an explosion of color.

The batik backing is from Kathy S. in IL. and the magenta fabric is from Deb and Pat in FL. I decided on the daisy pattern with white thread on top and tan thread on the back.

Definitely an explosion of color with the magenta pulling it all together. Many thanks to Jo, Kathy, Deb, and Pat for your contributions.

The next quilt is also from Ray…
Ray writes:
I just finished another quilt you sent me that was made by the Cresco ladies.

It is a wonderful scrap quilt with so many different colors and patterns in it. Love it. I used two different fabrics for the backing. The green came from Deb and Pat in FL. The yellow print came from Barbara J. in PA. I used pieces of both backing fabrics for the binding and like how that looks.

I used a stipple stitch with white thread as there was plenty of activity in the top already.
Thanks to Jo, the Cresco ladies, Deb, Pat and Barbara for their contributions to another beautiful community quilt.”

I love both of the quilts and how fun.  Thanks so much to everyone who donated to make them happen and a huge shout out to Ray!  He does wonderful work!!

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