Community Quilts from Ray…

Yahoo…I have quilts to share from Ray.

Ray writes:
A couple of weeks ago a lady at church contacted me. Her husband’s stepmother was recently diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer and wanted to know if I would finish a quilt for her. Of course, I would.

It turns out she lives with her sister who only has a few months to live due to cancer as well. Now I need to finish two quilts, one for each sister. I looked through the inventory of tops to see what I could find. I immediately found a pair of quilts that Maureen M. had sent to me to finish and donate, They are 9 patch quilts that utilize a wide variety of fabrics and have so much interest and are lap size. I also found a large piece of yardage from Tammye M. that was big enough to back both quilts. The quilts are like sisters. They are not identical but both of them have a lot of similarities. I am sure they will love their quilts as well as the love of all of you that had a part in creating them.”

Here is top #1…

Here’s it’s finished.

I love the swirl pattern on this…

This is quilt #2.  You might think it’s the same quilt but it isn’t.
Everything about it looks the same though doesn’t it?

Often times I’ve had people apologize as the quilt tops they send are similar.  You can see in this case, it was great to have two similar tops.

I want to do a HUGE shout-out to Ray for jumping in and tackling these right away.  He’s a great guy to drop everything and help this family bring comfort to their loved ones as they travel through the final stages of life.  What a blessing these quilts will be to the families.  Thanks also to Maureen for her work in making these tops.  Who knew months ago when these tops were made that they were destined to help a family work through the final stage of cancer.

19 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray…”

  1. I just love how a community like quilters are able to bring such comfort to others, some they’ll never know.

  2. Ray, what great quilts! The quilt tops are really nice and cheerful. I love the backing fabric you used . . . a real treat to see when the quilts are folded back.


    I love seeing the quilts. It gives inspiration. I make quilt for Victoria quilts (cancer) and sometime looking at finished quilts is what I need to jump start a sewing project. Keep up the good work!
    Pat D from Ottawa, Canada.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, you just batted a thousand again in your effort to finished these quilts. You made beautiful choices as always to fulfill this request. Thanks Maureen M and Tammye M for your part of providing tops and backing.

  5. That Ray is quite a guy and does BEAUTIFUL work!! I know the sisters will be blessed by his (and the maker’s) generosity and love.

  6. Kindness shines brightly in this blog, from those that made the quilts, donated the backing to Ray putting it all together to show love to 2 sisters in the final stages of life. Quilting community shines

  7. Such a wonderful example of the good people we have in this community!! Thanks to all involved – gold stars all around.

  8. SEW sweet of Ray to recognize that BOTH sisters needed a comfort quilt. His donation was extra special because of Maureen’s “twin” quilts! Thanks for sharing this story with us, Jo.

  9. Ray is definitely being part of the good in the world…as are you, Jo, and everyone involved in these many comfort quilts.

  10. As Mary Etherington from Country Threads wrote “Never under estimate the beauty of a patchwork quilt.” How very true. Beautiful work and lovely people who contributed to those quilts. Thank you for your kindness and love. You are blessed.

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