Community Quilts from Ray

I have an email from Ray and we both wanted to share it with you…

Ray writes:

The Easter Bunny was really, really good to me again this year, and wanted to share some of it with you.

I received a big package in the mail from Doreen C, in IA. She has sent me a lot of yardage last year and sent me a package again this year. There were several nice yardage cuts that I can and will use for backs. There were also several cones of quilting thread for the long arm. All will be put to great use.

I got a package in the mail today from Angie P. in NC. She sent the most beautiful blue and green plaid wide backing fabric. I am going to have fun finding just the right top to go with it. Also very much appreciated.

Last year in one of the packages of tops you sent was two tops with Mickey Mouse fabric. They were adorable. I quilted them earlier this year and shared the pics with you. Arline H. in North Fort Myers made them and reached out to me. About that same time, I received info on where the two quilts were sent. One went to Guardian Ad Litem and went to a foster family caring for a newborn drug-addicted baby. They were doing the nursery in Mickey Mouse. The other quilt went to a young girl with terminal brain cancer that totally adores Mickey. Arline and I have continued to stay in touch since she lives close to me. Last week we met mask to mask as she said she had some more tops for me. We chatted about quilting and life in general. And then she opened the back of her SUV to get the tops. OMG!! There were 2 tubs of quilts. The 2 tubs contained 18 tops with coordinating backs and bindings. Then she proceeded to pull out a roll of backing that was on clearance at Joann’s. Following is a brief description of the tops:

The first quilt is made up of beautiful multi-colored flowers with pinwheel leaves on a dark navy background. The colors are so bold and vibrant. It is 48 x 66.

The second quilt is a scrap quilt made up of plus signs. A note on the quilt says there are over 1,000 2 inch squares in the quilt. I certainly believe it and do not have the time to count them. Stunning. It is 43 x 60.

The next one is a string scrap quilt. I love the X’s in each square and set off with yellow sashing. It is 46 x 46.

Next was this beautiful orange and blue quilt top. To me, it is a four patch in a square in a square times three and then 6 borders. Do I ever love borders!! It is 39 x 51.

Then there was this bright, sunny, warm batik in yellows and oranges. WOW!! It is 48 x 58.

Another batik with circles and partial circles. Not only the beautiful batiks but the block design and placement are eye-catching. It is 48 x 68.


Next was…

this pink and green beauty. It has an alternating square in a square in a square blocks and plus blocks. However, the plus blocks have what I would call mini log cabin squares in the corners. Another eye-catcher! It is 46 x 55.

Then came this fussy cut top. It is made up of alternating blocks. One block is butterflies on a teal background. The other block is a four-patch cut to create a kaleidoscope effect. She added a pink flange with the outside border. It is 51 x 69 

Next in the stack was this sampler quilt. I love the bright bold colors and how the sashing and border was integrated into many of the blocks. Awesome! It is 46 x 59.

And another sampler quilt. This time with blues and yellows. Even though the same block patterns were used, the change in colors gives it a completely unique look. It is also 46 x 59.

And another sampler quilt. Those blocks definitely took a great deal of time and expertise to make them. You can not tell it from the picture but the pinwheel cornerstones are three-dimensional. I see a learning curve for me to long arm this quilt. It is 49 x 64.

Then out came this diagonal jelly roll quilt. OMG!! That took a lot of plotting and planning to create. Gorgeous!! It is 46 x 69.

This is another batik quilt that uses circles and partial circles to create a great deal of interest. It is similar to an earlier top. That one had a couple of borders. This one does not have any borders. It is 62 x 70.

Next was this hexagon quilt. Love the mix of solids and florals set on the white background to give the colors a lot of POP. It is 37 x 50.

The next two quilts are made with the same pattern and the same fabric. Kind of like big brother/sister and little brother/sister. Love the colors and the pattern. One is 46 x 46 and the other is 60 x 60.

I really like two color quilts and this one is so very special with the hand embroidery work. Now add some Irish chain. Who could resist this for a baby quilt??? It is 53 x 53.

The last quilt is a stunning pinwheel block quilt set on point. OMG!! What a feast for the eyes! It is 41 x 57.

Now I need to get back to completing the end-of-season commission quilts so I can get back to my passion for community quilts. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I can hardly wait.

Many, many thanks to one and all.”

Oh my word…WOW.  Ray is going to be a busy guy.  A HUGE shout-out to Arline.  All of these quilts are marvelous.  So many people will be blessed by your talents and generosity.  I’m so impressed.

A big thanks to Angie and Doreen.  Your donations of fabric are the unsung hero behind the beautiful quilts that will be created.  THANKS!!

21 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

      1. It was my first attempt at a mystery and I had all of the various sections completed when I started to lay it out and realized how large it was going to be so I decided to break it down into smaller quilts.

  1. I had a horrible time recently. This post was just what I needed to remind me that evil does NOT win!!!
    Thank you.

  2. The quality of these quilts is amazing and we all know that Ray will add his marvelous artistic touch to each one. What a beautiful collection of gifts from the heart. Bless you!

  3. It looks like Ray can use more thread. Maybe my friend from NYS has more sh can send out to Ray. Happy Creating to all. So many will stay warm and love because of these quilts.

  4. Wow…these quilts are wonderful! People can be so generous…it is really heartwarming! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such giving hearts in these wonderful quilters who are sharing much needed supplies, their creativity, and their friendship. You all shine a light on the good in this world. Bless you!

      1. Beautiful.i like it.i also like the purple/tan/ green it’s the 1 that has 3d pinwheel.there all gorgeous.thanks for sharing with everyone.

  6. Brenda Furlong

    I am just blown away at how beautiful those quilts are. I wish I were so talented. Those colors in the pink and green one really are speaking to me. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Arline’s quilts are fabulous. She has an eye for color. I can’t wait to see them after Ray quilts them all.

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