Community Quilts from Ray

I put the finishing touches on this pink quilt from Judy M. in OH today.

Even though pink is not my color, I can still appreciate this beautiful quilt. It is so completely pink and feminine.

I really like the pattern that Judy used in the quilt and did not want to take away from it. I did use the daisy motif as there were so many floral prints in the quilt. But I used white thread.

I found the pink gingham fabric in the stash.

My thanks to you, Judy and the backing donor for the support to complete another community quilt.

I finished another patriotic quilt and wanted to share it with you. Last fall Sherry G. in NY wrote to me about making red/white/blue blocks. She sent me a few boxes of blocks.

I kept several and shared others. Well, the blocks in this quilt came from Sherry. I trimmed them up and cut sashing and cornerstones. Then Steve went to work on the assembly. Then I added a border to pull it all together.

I selected the star meander motif with white thread on the top and a bone-colored thread on the back.

I found this western, patriotic fabric in the stash and used it.

My thanks to you, Sherry and Steve, and the fabric donor for the elements to make this quilt for a veteran.

I love Judy’s quilt and I love Steve/Sherry/Ray quilt too. Their quilt is a true testament that many hands make light work!! I am so impressed. I especially love when Steve joins in on the sewing. Great work team!!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Such beautiful quilts. The QOV is very interesting. Thanks to all who contributed to make these happen. Great work by all!

  2. And I should have added that my grandmother was Marguerite ( as is my sisters middle name) which in French means Daisy. One day maybe I can duplicate it in their memory

  3. Great variety. The pink one caught my attention for the entertaining roadways for the mini cars and trucks little ones will have fun with. Sorry but I think quilts are for using.

  4. I appreciate how Ray’s quilting always has a reason behind the design and thread colors to really make each quilt shine. Thanks to all involved.


      Hi There,
      Can you tell me what the Pattern Name is for the Pink quilt?? It’s absolutely beautiful.

  5. Rebecca Burch

    What can you say about Ray’s quilting? He knocks it out of the park every time. Judy’s quilt was fabulous to begin with but Ray’s quilting was the cherry on top. And the RWB block quilt? Perfection!

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