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Ray has been busy…I keep thinking I am caught up on loading his emails into blog posts and just like that, he’s sending more emails. It’s a great problem…if you want to call it that. Here is the lastest. Ray writes:

Longarming community quilts is definitely a win/win for me. Not only do I get to finish lots of community quilts to help others but I get a quilting education as well. This quilt top from Judy M in OH is a prime example.

I never would have thought of this pattern as an ideal way to use up scrap blocks. There are two unique blocks in the quilt. One is a 5″ square. The other is a 2.5″ square with white around it to make it a 5″ square. I know I have a lot of 5″ and 2.5 ” squares that need a purpose in life. One more pattern in the To Do List. I love the contrast of the dark colors to the white trims.

I used the stipple motif and white thread to longarm.

I wanted and found a dark fabric to back it within the stash.

My thanks to you, Judy and the backing donor for the pieces to this community quilt.

OMG!!! It is June already and the Veterans Day dinner is just five months away. Where does the time go?? It seems like time is in overdrive these days. And to top it off we are starting another hurricane season which is predicted to be bigger and badder than any season before. YUCK!! I just need to keep my head down and keep longarming quilts and pray for the safety of all. So here is the start of the parade of the Veterans Day dinner quilts.

This beauty is from Cathy L. in PA.

I don’t think QOV will accept flag quilts so their loss is my gain. I love it. I selected the star meander motif with white thread to longarm it.

The backing is a leftover piece of wide backing from another quilt sometime back.

My thanks to you and Cathy for your support.

I think it’s so fun to see the start of the new year of Patriotic quilts from Ray!! I can’t wait to see the many more that will be coming our way. Great work Ray and thanks so much to the people who donated the quilt tops. I love how supportive you all are.

Happy 4th of July to those in the USA who are celebrating!!

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I’ve sent a couple of flag quilts to QOV and don’t believe they were ever returned. Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t accept a flag quilt (gonna have to check that out). Ray always does a fabuous job with the beauties he receives.

    1. I heard at one time that it was in reference to flags being used to drape over coffins of veterans. So veterans would not use a flag style cover while alive. Let us know what you find out!

      1. I went to the Quilt of Valor Foundation website and it has guidelines for making a QOV (including some patterns). The only thing I saw about flags was NOT to take a flag and quilt it to be used as a QOV. It doesn’t say anything on the website about making a flag quilt using various fabrics. I’ve seen several flag quilts awarded to vets so I feel OK doing that.

      2. Rebecca Burch

        I’ve made quilts for QOV since it started & you’re right. They don’t accept flag quilts per se & you have the reason right. This flag quilts is a real beauty, tho, isn’t it?

  2. There are many rules about the “respectful use of a flag”.. While this isn’t technically a flag, it is very close to being one… and many, especially veterans, would say that using a flag as a part of clothing or bedcovers does not fall under “respectful use”. Probably best to just avoid the possible controversy or misunderstanding that might result…

  3. Martha W in WY

    I really like Cathy L’s flag quilt. I don’t know anything about QOV so I’m no help. Happy 4th to all.

  4. Rebecca Burch

    That flag quilts is a real beauty – & perfect for here on the 4th of July. As for the scrappy one – sooooooo cute & sooooooo clever! The patterns people come up with never ceases to amaze me!

  5. I really like these quilts. The one with the squares would be a great way to use up scraps, and looks very effective. I can see it made with shirt fabrics. And the flag quilt is gorgeous. The American flag really does lend itself very well to patchwork patterns. It’s interesting about the QOV rules. Not being in America, it’s all a different world to me.

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