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Wowza Ray has been busy. Living in Florida Ray ‘s on longarm quilting business goes with the seasons. When the snowbirds are in Florida to escape the winters, Ray is busy with customer quilts. When the snowbirds go home, Ray doesn’t take a rest. He just switches gears and starts working on community quilts. Impressive.

Today Ray has two quilts to share. He writes:

I finished another beautiful quilt top from Elaine C. in NY.

She says the fabric is from Fig Tree but she can not remember the pattern name or where she found it.

Hopefully, a reader can shed some light on the pattern name. The colors are so very relaxing and the piecing is amazing.

I selected the trillium leaf motif to longarm it with a bone-colored thread.

The backing fabric was in the stash of donation yardage and appeared to be a good compliment.

My thanks to you, Elaine, and the backing donor for treating me to a wonderful quilt. I am sure it will be rehomed soon.

Maureen M. in OH included this yardage in with some pieced tops.

I think it is called cheater quilt fabric as it has the appearance of a pieced top but is a printed fabric.

The pattern is absolutely adorable and the sayings on it are very special.

I decided it should be a quilt. With all the hearts and friendship in the print, I selected the heart motif with a bone colored thread.

CUTE!!! My thanks to you, Maureen and the backing donor for the essentials to make this loving quilt.

As of my writing this, I am caught up with the finished quilt emails Ray has sent me…but I know better. My inbox will be filled with emails in no time at all. Thanks for all the hard work Ray and MANY thanks to those who sent tops…backing…and you who cheer Ray and the makers on from afar!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I’m so impressed with Ray! He is a force of nature turning the offerings of contributors into tangible comfort. Thanks for introducing him to us and for keeping us abreast of his work.

  2. Beautiful quilt! Love the fabric and that block design is a stunner! If anyone recognizes, please let us know. I have some Fig Tree FQ’s that need to be sewn.

  3. Lovely quilts and such wonderful quilting. Thank you Ray and all the who donated backing or the quilts! They will be appreciated.

  4. Rebecca Burch

    Oh, my! Both those quilts are fantastic! I agree… the 1st one is very soothing. And the 2nd one? Toooooo cute! Thanks for sharing these gems with us!

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