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I’m not getting much done at the longarm, but Ray sure is. My inbox has several emails from him that I need to put together, load, and share with you here on the blog.

Ray writes:
I finished a quilt top that Judy M. in OH sent to me to finish and donate.

It is a beautiful floral quilt. Not only are the prints floral but the pattern is floral itself. It is amazing the number of patterns that are based on a snowball block.

As if that was not enough floral, I used the daisy motif with white thread to longarm it.

I even found a nice cut of floral fabric for the backing.

Unfortunately, I do not recall who sent it to me. My thanks to you, Judy, and the backing provider for the support to complete another community quilt.

Maureen M. in OH sent me this adorable quilt to finish.

The coordinating borders to the panel really make this quilt special. Of course, the animals are all so happy and excited. They must have just spotted land and are ready to abandon ship.

I used the stipple motif to longarm with a light blue thread on the front and red thread to blend in with the red polka dot fabric on the back.

The backing fabric is from Linda W. in NY.

My thanks to you, Maureen, and Linda for the materials needed to complete this very special quilt.

I finished another of the quilt tops that Judy M. in OH sent me.

To me, it is a scrappy string circle top. Maybe there is a better description. It is made by putting 8 pie-shaped pieces together to make a block. Regardless, It is a beautiful, fun quilt.

My dilemma was how to longarm it. Judy did a great job sewing and getting the center “knot” to lay flat but all that fabric in one place is a bit of a thick knot. I really did not want to stitch through the knot and possibly break a needle. That left me with the only other alternative — free-motion quilting.

OMG!! I don’t believe there are enough hours and quilts for me to ever begin to develop any skills in free motion quilting. But I gave it a great big try.

My thanks to you, Judy and the backing supplier for the challenge in learning and finishing this quilt.

What a great group of quilts…and Ray, the free motion work is nice. From personal experience, I do know it takes a bit to feel more confident about it. People always ask us to name the quilt patterns if possible. The last quilt is a spider web string quilt. I have made three in the past…you can read about them HERE and HERE and HERE.

When I made my versions, I used this pattern from Bonnie Hunter.

I am super tempted to make another with all of my leftover Iowa Hawkeyes scraps. I’ve been saving them for a quilt.

Many thanks to Ray and the good people who donated the tops and the backing fabrics. Your generosity is the cornerstone of the community quilt project.

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Ray’s descriptions of the quilts are always so thoughtful and reflect his passion for what he does! I know it must help the makers take pride in what they have created and thankful they sent it to Ray to finish. Ray, your free motion quilting looks great on the spider web quilt!

  2. I’m really impressed with Ray’s freemotion quilting. He’s so brave! I’d have chosen the coward’s way out, handquilting, but that’s my default setting.
    I have some red, white, and blue fabric I’d like to send to Ray. How can I get it to him?

  3. Ray, how big were the “snowball” flower blocks in the first quilt? I have a layer cake that would be great to use this way.

  4. Rebecca Burch

    I love these! They’re each so different but equally fantastic! And Ray’s superb long arming takes any quilt top to the next level! Wow! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  5. Love the polkas on the Noah’s Ark quilt and the beautifully done spider web quilt. Thank you for all your hard work on these quilts, Ray.

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