Community Quilts from Ray

Ray has some fun quilts to share with you today.
Ray writes:

I slipped this African Safari panel quilt into the schedule and it is now finished. Maureen M. in OH sent it to me.

It is such a neat quilt with all the animals in it. It reminds me of going to a zoo or watching Wild Kingdom on TV as a kid.

I used the stipple motif to lonagarm it with an off-white thread.

I don’t recall where the backing came from but thought it was an interesting complement to the top.

My thanks to you, Maureen, and the backing provider for supplying the materials to make this wonderful quilt.

I don’t know why time flies so fast anymore. It seems like I was finishing up quilts for the Airing just a few days ago and now it is May and in six months it will be the Veterans dinner. Oh my!! I decided to get started on red, white and blue quilts so hopefully I could avoid a rush in October. LOL!!

Here is the first quilt I grabbed off the stack to finish. It is from Karen H. in NE.

It is a beautiful quilt and looks so warm and cozy.

I used the stipple motif and gold thread on the top to longarm it, I substituted a navy fabric for the backing.

I know the picture makes it look red. It is primarily dark blue with flecks of red and gold in it.

My thanks to you and Karen and the backing provider for the support to finish this quilt for a vet.

I love the panel quilt that Ray showed first. How fun!! I admire that Ray is so good about working ahead and is already working on quilts for the Veteran’s program. That’s admirable. If anyone wants to donate a patriotic-themed quilt top to Ray, you can contact him at

Many thanks to the wonderful readers who sent quilt tops to Ray. It’s so appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Ray is a machine! Haha! He seems to get through so many quilt tops, does he ever take a break?! Fantastic work, the quilts look great.

  2. I love it when I see a piece of fabric that I have used being used by someone else. I used some of that same giraffe/elephant backing of the safari quilt as a backing for a fun child’s quilt too. Great job, Ray!

  3. Rebecca Burch

    Wow! 2 stunning quilts! The “jungle” quilt is sooooo cool! And the backing is PERFECT!
    Speaking of perfect, the RWB quilt will be perfect for you veterans’ celebration this fall. I love it!

    1. Where is the shop? I think I know but not sure. The first quilt was my first choice. Does she make quilts for people and the price? It would look so good on my big rattan chair in my jungle theme bedroom.

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