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I had a few emails from Ray recently.  He’s been a busy guy working away at the longarm.  It’s a treat today.  Ray sent three finished quilts.

Ray writes:
I did not fall off the face of the Earth. I have been covered up with customer quilts lately. However, I did find a small window of opportunity and finished some community quilts. Here is the first one done. It came from Jean D, in TX, and is awesome.

I have been craving seafood the whole time I have been working on it. I love everything about it. From the seafood blocks in the middle of the brightly colored sawtooth stars to the to die for the piano key border. This quilt definitely belongs down on the waterfront.

The backing is from Doreen C in IA and complements the top so well.

I selected the star meander motif for the quilting to go with the sawtooth star pattern and used white thread.

Thank you all, Jo, Jean, and Doreen, for the materials to make this spectacular quilt!”

Here is the next quilt from Ray…

Ray writes:
I finally got the binding put on this quilt from Kim yesterday. I really like the pattern for the quilt.

Kim used a center block and then made a border around it out of a deep red fabric. Next, she added half-square triangle blocks out of various blue fabrics and a background fabric. She used the same fabrics for the entire quilt except for the blue. Beautiful and stately.

The backing fabrics came from Pat and Deb in FL. I must admit that I messed up the piecing of the back.

I made a bad cut and the plan fell apart. It should have all been the red fabric. I love how the colors on the front and back work so well with each other.

For a quilting motif, I chose the double spiral to keep with the vintage look and white thread.

What a beauty! Thanks to you, Kim, Pat, and Deb for the pieces to make this wonderful quilt. I am sure it will be a cherished possession for years to come.”

The next quilt from Ray is this beauty…
Ray writes:
I also put the binding on this quilt from Jean in WI yesterday.

I love the way she used all the various fabrics and colors in this quilt. I have no idea as to the name of the pattern but it is awesome. There are so many points to match and Jean hit them all. WOW!! Awesome job! This quilt also comes across to me as very stately.

I just had to go with the double swirl quilting motif on this one as well and white thread.

The backing is from Pat and Deb in FL.

Nothing beats red, white, and blue. Thanks to you, Jean Deb, and Pat for the spectacular quilt makings.

These are both fabulous Ray!  I was thinking we need to find Ray a volunteer binder!!  He’s a man of many talents and I’m so happy he’s so willing to lend a hand.  Thanks so much, Ray, and thanks to the people who donated all the materials to make these happen.

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. All beautiful quilts. I was so excited when I saw the last one because i just finished my blocks like those for a quilt. It was fun to make. I liked that I could recognize it! Great work, Ray! Thank you for giving your time for others and thank you donors for your generosity.

  2. Beverly Douglas

    The last one looks like an “inside out” Hidden Wells pattern. I am making that right now and yesterday I was messing around with the quarter block placements.This is similar to, or maybe the same, as what I came up with. It doesn’t make the secondary patterns when sewn together so using a sashing is what makes it work. Love how she did it!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    What absolutely beautiful quits! The first quilt has allmafching points too , color me Green with envy.
    I so want to do quilts like that. Great nob xone everyone.

  4. Ray does awesome work and I like his complimentary and insightful comments on each quilt he quilts! If I were closer, I’d offer a hand with the binding but alas, I’m far away. It takes quite a team to get all these quilts done.

  5. I am in Georgia and like hand binding. Old and slower but could do an occasional binding if there is any interestl

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray just keeps up quilting up fabulous quilts that are sent to him. Thanks to all who keep him well supplied.

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