Community Quilts from Ray

Ray is at it again. He’s a person who never likes to sit still…and that’s a great thing for the community quilt program.

Ray writes:

I received a wonderful box in the mail from Alice W. in NY. She said she is trying to be more realistic about what she can and can not finish. In the process she had 5 flimsies that she knew she would not finish and sent them my way to finish and to donate. Lucky me.

The first quilt is very creative and reminds me of hopscotch with a variety of blocks. The designs in the blocks are adorable. It measures 49 x 68.

The next quilt is some type of a star pattern, I think. I wish I could remember the name. It is really neat because of the open spaces in the stars. It measures 37 x 49.

Next is a house quilt. Such neat and tidy houses in that neighborhood. It measures 44 x 46.

he next quilt is my favorite. Love the cowboy fabrics in this quilt. I would have loved to have had a quilt like this when I was a kid instead of butterflies. LOL!!! It measures 56x 68.

The last quilt is a beautiful on pointe quilt with great symmetry. There is something about the colors and the design that is magical to me. It measures 52 x 52.

Thank you Alice for these wonderful quilts AND for the backing yardage that came with them.

There is something about this HST quilt from Linda F. in AZ that grabs my attention.

I am not usually a fan of HST quilts from a piecing standpoint. Mainly because I have never been able to perfect that bias stitch. It is getting better using a walking foot. However, this quilt is causing me to seriously consider giving it another try. It also has a bit of a modern look to it.

I decided to do some horizontal line quilting on it and set it at 2 inch intervals.

I normally do 1 inch intervals. I really like the 2 inch spacing much better. I used an off white thread on the top and a blue thread on the back.

Linda included the backing fabric.

I really like how this quilt turned out. My thanks to you and Linda for your support in making this quilt a reality.

Ray has been so busy…I admire his work and dedication to the community quilt project. He’s a real example of the “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” attitude. I’m so happy to know him and all of you who donate so richly to the program.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Way to go Ray, Alice and Linda!! Such beautiful quilts. Your generosity is what it’s all about. Way to go!!

  2. There have been so many beautiful quilts and goodies for charity. I’m going to be going through my fabrics again soon. Somehow my supply has outgrown my storage. Again. If only I knew how that happened….. I’ve been making some progress on Land That I Love which makes me so happy. Probably won’t have a July finish, but hey, progress is good. I’m slowly getting over the guilt of not playing yet more scrabble with my mom in order to do some stichy things, yay! And yes, I still play scrabble. Over 240 games sense last September in fact LOL!

  3. Such lovely quilts. Thanks Ray, Linda and Alice. You all are so generous to donate such beautiful quilts for a charity. Great work and they will be loved by some fortunate recipient.

  4. Rebecca Burch

    Ray, Linda & Alice, thank you! For making such great quilts & then for sharing them with us this weekend! They’re all fantastic!

  5. Martha W in WY

    Beautiful quilts! Alice W. Is a smart woman to be down sizing now. We all don’t want to leave our fabric stash behind for our family to deal with. It’s better to deal with it when we can and give it to people/groups that can benifit from it. BLESSINGS to Alice W.

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