Community Quilts from Ray

Patricia S. in LA. from time to time sends me wonderful tops that she has made for me to finish and to donate.

I am truly amazed at the number of scrap fabrics that she used in making this Mosaic quilt designed by Quilted Twins.

Patricia must have bins and bins of fabric from years of making gorgeous quilts.

The backing is from Shirley S. in NV.

I selected the stipple motif for longarming.

My thanks to you, Patricia, and Shirley for the support to finish this awesome quilt.

I found this beautiful quilt from Jean tucked away in a stack of tops that I pulled to finish.

It is basically charm squares set on pointe. Sounds simple and straightforward until you go about piecing and longarming. On pointe, quilts have a bias that must be dealt with and paid attention to. Jean did a great job piecing which made my part go very smoothly.

I went with the stipple motif and white thread for the longarming.

My thanks to you, Jean and the supplier of the yardage for the backing. Love that quilt was featured at the Airing of the Quilts on March 16.

I have been in overdrive for a few weeks getting quilts ready for the Airing of the Quilts. Now I am looking forward to some downtime to relax a bit. However, in the rush, I mistook an item from Lou Ann as yardage. It was not yardage but a panel with bears in raincoats and umbrellas walking in the rain.

Too cute!! I had to pull it out and longarm it.

I found some blue yardage for backing, selected the circle meander motif with blue thread, and went to work.

My thanks to you, Lou Ann and the backing donor for the components to make this adorable baby blanket. Love it!!

Oh, I love Ray’s circle meander. So cute. I should try to freehand something like that on the longarm sometime. I never use pantographs…but if I did, I am sure I would use that motif often.

Great work Ray…MANY thanks to everyone who made tops. They are all wonderful and ones anyone could love. Thanks also to the backing providers. There is so much that goes into all of these quilts. With so many helping towards the cost of them, there isn’t a big burden on anyone. I love that!!

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  1. All of these quilts are beautiful! The bears in the rain is so cute! Like Jo, I really like the circle motif and would like to learn to do something like it on my domestic machine that I use for my quilting. Thanks to all who contributed to making these quilts extra special.

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