Community Quilts from Ray

Joann C. in CA. made this beautiful granny squared quilt top and sent it to me.

I love all the calico prints that she used to make the top. She has the neatest fabrics for her quilts.

With all the floral prints, I decided to use the daisy motif for longarming.

I think I may have overdosed on daisies with the daisy backing fabric. LOL!!

My thanks to you, Joann and the backing provider for the goodies to make this quilt.

Joann C in CA made this beautiful quilt top and sent it to me.

I absolutely love all the wonderful colors in the quilt and especially like all the sayings in some of the fabrics. Wonderful quilt!!

I did tweak it a bit. I added the blue border. It just needed framing.

I went with the stipple motif and white thread to minimize the longarming.

My thanks to you, Joann, and the backing supplier for the means to complete this very special quilt.

There is nothing cuter than a baby. And right there with the baby is a cute little baby blanket.

The Cresco Ladies sent me this beautiful baby blanket with adorable animal parent child fabric. So cute!!

I decided to use the heart motif with white thread for the longarming.

The backing is from Linda W. in NY.

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My thanks to you, the Cresco Ladies and Linda for the goodies to make this quilt. This quilt was on the clothesline at the Airing of the Quilts on March 16.

Wow…all bring and pretty quilts in this group of finishes. I love them all. Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies and Joann for piecing the tops. A big shout-out to the backing providers as well. It takes many hands to bring these quilts to a finish!!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Joann’s quilt is a great design (beautifully pieced) that uses a variety of fabrics! You can almost feel the quilting squirrels inspiring those of us with a variety of small stash pieces to wonder if we could utilize her creative idea!

  2. Great community work on these three unique quilts! I had to do a zoom in to look at the rounded edges of blocks in the first quilt. By intentionally knocking off the points and using the sashing in the blocks, Joann C. softened the look of this quilt. I see one of these in my near future.

  3. Lovely quilts today! Those calico prints in the first must have inspired Jo—she has a great collection. Thank you to these quilters today and all those who contribute!

  4. Such beautiful quilts and always amazed at the quiltmakers’ generosity! Thank you, Ray, and the others who made these wonderful quilts.

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