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I’ve been trying to keep up with all of the community quilt emails but the emails are coming in faster than I can put them together. HA! I’m going to work on trying to get them all together and ready to share with you. First up is mail call from Ray.

Ray writes:
I received another box of wonderful surprises today from Karen H. in NE. Lots of great goodies to share. The first quilt is a Tulip square quilt, I think. I am a sucker for two-color quilts and I love blue and tan together – earth and sky. It measures 41 x 52.

The next one is an H block quilt with tons of bold colored fabrics. What a fun kid’s quilt! It measures 48 x 53.

The next one is going to be put in the veterans quilt stack with all the red, white and blue. The blue and white pinwheel blocks really pop against the red fabric. It measures 50 x 59.

Check out this 4 patch quilt set on pointe. The borders are amazing. A lot of math went into getting the on pointe blocks to come out the size needed for the block border. It measures 50 x 62.

Next is a square in a square with the center square on pointe. Karen also used only 2 contrasting red fabrics to really play with the colors. Wonderful, interesting quilt. It measures 53 x 53.

Love these gold stars set off by the rich prints in this quilt. WOW! It measures 54 x 69.

How do you dress up a 9 patch quilt? You pull out the stops with some gold sashing and some deep teal blue sashing. It got my attention. It measures 52 x 62.

The next quilt is made from large blocks with black strips on opposite sides. Then the blocks are turned a quarter from each other. Beautiful quilt. It looks like it was ready to be quilted on a domestic and got rerouted to me. It measures 48 x 59.

The next top is a variation of a 9 patch quilt. The patch blocks are not all the same size which gives the quilt a totally different look. It measures 54 x 54

The last top is a star quilt. It is most likely to end up on the veteran quilt stack. It may be missing white but the neutral really makes the red and blue stand out. It looks like it was destined for the domestic but got rerouted. It measures 41 x 57 but I will probably use the backing for another border to make it larger.

Karen also included 4 projects that she has determined that she is not going  to finish. Bottom left are 12 star blocks that are printed cross stitch blocks. I see them in a future veteran quilt. Top left is a Spring Blue and Yellow wall hanging. Top right is a Pumpkin Patch wall hanging. Bottom right is Emilie’s wall hanging.

Thank you Karen for the wonderful box of goodies to keep me busy.

Wow…Karen, you outdid yourself. These are all wonderful!! I can’t wait to see what Ray does with it all. I do know one thing, he is sure to make it all SHINE!!

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  1. What a way to start a week! Ray, you SCORED! I love simple blocks in quilts & these beauties prove why. They’re all just fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

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