Community Quilts from Ray

It’s a parade courtesy of Ray today. He has a finished quilt and mail to share!!
Ray writes:

This top is from an anonymous donor. Many thanks to the creator as the top is so wonderful.

I love the way it just winds its way around a center strip to get bigger and bigger. Wonderful colors and fabrics.

I used the twig motif to longarm it and give it some interest with the curves and spirals.

The backing is from Shirley S. in NV. 

My thanks to you, the anonymous piecer, and Shirley for the components to make this special community quilt.

I got a surprise package in the mail from Dori J in WA and wanted to share it with you. There were 2 beautiful quilts in the package along with extra fabric for borders (if I wanted) as well as backing. 

The first quilt is Amalie by GE Designs. Love the fabrics and the pattern. Lots of interest in the quilt. It measures 45 x 63

The other one is a soft cuddly flannel quilt. It was 40 this morning and looked so inviting to curl up under. It measures 53 x 66.

Thank you Dori. They are most appreciated.

A few days ago I received a very nice email from Vasanti P. in CA. She was learning to piece quilts and had been practicing making blocks. As a result she said she had a stack of orphan blocks that needed to be rehomed. She found me on your website and subsequently came across me. I said I accepted orphan blocks and UFOs among other items. I told her I would accept them and make quilts out of the blocks for community quilts. Well, today the box came in the mail. Oh boy, do I have orphan blocks. I took a couple of pics to share. I sat an aluminum drink can next to the stack so you had a reference of the height of the stack. It is well over 5 inches and includes blocks from 8 inches square all the way up to 16 inches square. 

I thank you Vasanti as will many recipients of the community quilts that these blocks will make.

It makes me so happy to hear that people have been sending out goodies to the volunteer longarmers. I love how efficent our group is getting cutting out some of the postage costs. Thanks so much for doing that…and as always, Ray, great work!!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I think Ray will be busier than usual as he decides how to use all those orphan blocks! The first quilts are beautiful and so nicely quilted.

  2. I am so intrigued with Anonymous’s quilt. What a clever solution on so many different levels and still arrive at a lovely quilt.

  3. Very nice Ray and also to your donor.You also do such amazing work on these projects.Time and again I admire your work.And I’m sure those recipients are thrilled with these prize beauties coming their way.

  4. is the soft, cuddly, flannel quilt made out of old pajamas and cotton shirts? Or is it made out of flannel fabric? Can you tell?

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