Community Quilts from Ray

I’m so excited to share the quilts that Ray has finished.  That guy is on a roll.  I am so amazed at the commitment he makes to doing good for others.

Ray writes:

I just took these pics of a cute little quilt from Kim. It is the sweetest quilt and ideal for a baby.

The colors in the quilt are so soft and cuddly. The fabrics have ABC’s themes and kids playing. I love it. It makes me feel good. The backing is from Deb and Pat in FL. I used a staple pattern for the quilting and bone-colored thread. I wanted to keep that warm, snuggly feel. Thanks to you, Kim, Deb, and Pat for your contributions to this wonderful quilt.”

Here is the next quilt…
Ray writes:

I finished this quilt that you forwarded to me from Jean in WI. I totally admire the craftsmanship of Jean in this quilt. I had to study and study it, as there was a lesson to be learned and I wanted to learn it. Yes, I am a rookie. Then it hit me.

The quilt was made on point. I know it does not look like it. But it has to have been made on point. The border was part of the outside blocks.

(Look at the picture below carefully to see the intersection where the blocks come together)

I never would have dreamed of making a quilt in this manner. It also keeps those nasty, wavy borders away. I love the reds in this quilt. The backing came from Darlynn in IL.

I selected a floral motif to stay with the floral prints and to add some interest to the red blocks. Some bone-colored thread and there you have it.

Beautiful! Thank you, Jo, Jean, Darlynn, Deb, and Pat for another winning team quilt.”

These were all such great quilt… A HUGE shout-out to Ray!!  He really does work magic.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

    1. If you look carefully at the gray squares inside the burgundy square, you will see that the gray squares are actually four gray triangles. Once you see that, you can see that the blocks are laid out on point. I don’t understand why they were constructed in that way and not just as regular square blocks though.

      1. This is my opinion. Probably is not worth a lot but…. If you made the quilt in the regular manner with rows and columns, you would have to do a lot of piecing to make the block with the gray square in the corner. Basically it would have to be a nine patch block. Think of all the lines and seams it would take. By setting the block on point there are only the 4 seams needed to make the block. It has a much cleaner look this way.

  1. Such beautiful quilts! I didn’t think that quilt was “on point” so must not understand what Ray meant. Thanks Ray for the great quilting, and Jean for the quilts.

  2. Not sure this is on point but it is intriguing. I can see the intersection but can’t figure how to make the rest of the block. Can you draw this out for us, Jo? I would love to understand it. Yes, Ray is magical!!

  3. Jo Anne Schnebly

    The large white square is the middle of the block. You can see the small green “square” is actually 4 quarter square triangles. Clever!

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