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Ray sent me a few quilts to share with you. I always love seeing what he’s up to. This first quilt I’m showing…oh, I’d love to make one!! If you’ve been around here, you know red is my favorite color…

Ray writes:

The holidays gave me a break from commission quilts so I could longarm some great community quilts. Now I am a bit bogged down in getting the binding on them, so more to come. This is another quilt from Robin P. Love the I Spy fabrics in this quilt.

There is a little bit of everything in there.

I enjoyed longarming it and taking the time to view each square. I used white thread and the stipple motif for the quilting.

The backing is from a bundle you sent me a couple of years ago.

My thanks to you and Robin for a great community quilt.

I recently finished this quilt from Robin P. She sent me three quilts that were all I Spy scrap quilts. The first one was primarily purple and yellow, the second one was reds (you see above) and this one plays more toward the neutrals.

They are all great quilts and had to have used up a LOT of scraps.

I used the stipple motif with white thread.

The backing is from a bundle from you a couple of years ago.

I have this thing for blue and yellow. I think it gave the border and binding a pop. My thanks to  Robin and you for your support in finishing another community quilt.

This beautiful quilt is from Jean. I set it back trying to figure out what the pattern is.

As luck would have it, I saw the pattern posted the other day and immediately knew I had my answer. The pattern is called Sticks and Stones by Missouri Star. It is a great pattern that uses a jelly roll and background fabric.

This quilt is made from a roll of batiks but I would think any roll with rich colored fabrics would work.

I used the bird motif with white thread to longarm it.

The backing is out of the blog reader stash. It just reminds me of spring.

My thanks to you and Jean and the backing supplier for the makings to finish another community quilt.

These were all awesome quilts that Ray really made shine. I always love seeing Ray’s work. I’m thinking hard about possibly making a quilt in the style of either of the first two quilts. I have so many scraps and this would be an awesome way to use them up. Hmm. Oh, Jo. You really don’t need to start another quilt…but so tempting. Hmm.

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Such lovely quilts and what a wonderful way to use many, many scraps! I particularly like the last one. Thank you, Ray, and all the other contributors to these lovely quilts.

  2. Those scrap pies make me happy! And the batik one? Yes, please! Great quilts (as usual), ladies! Ray, as always, I love how you quilted these!

  3. I have been searching through archives to see if i can find the last game you mentioned. I believe i was a time Buck was visiting and Karl joined you all and since he first game you mentioned was such a hit with a family we gifted with it we thought we would repeat and hope for the same success with another gift we copied from you and your family. Whew that was quite a sentence.!!!!

    I have had no success in locating the article YET…

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