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It’s a mail call from Ray!! For anyone new here, Ray is one of the people who finishes quilt tops that are donated to him by others. Ray finishes them and passes them on to worthy places to raise money or help others.

Ray writes:

I am behind on getting updates to you so you are going to get a bunch of emails to get you caught up. Hopefully, I won’t get so far behind again, at least for a little while. LOL!!!

Kay S in IA sent me three beautiful tops to finish and to donate. She made two of them. The third is from a thrift shop find.

The first quilt she labeled as Jelly Jamboree. It has a lot of wonderful strip fabrics in it. The fabrics are winter related and will make a beautiful Christmas quilt. She included some gold holly fabric for backing and binding. It measures 62 x 72.

The next quilt is labeled as Stacking Blocks. It is also a winter-related quilt. The background fabric is gingerbread men. Adorable. She included some green and gold fabric for backing and binding. It measures 56 x 63.

The last quilt is the thrift shop find. She said some of the blocks were turned wrong, She took it apart and put it back together correctly. I love the alternating sampler blocks with the vintage New England scenes. It measures 76 x 76.

Thank you Kay. Great quilts

Patricia S. from LA sends me gorgeous quilts from time to time. Each is more spectacular than the last. This quilt is a Bonnie Hunter 2022 Mystery Quilt variation. I love all the rich greens and purples in the top. It is going to look great when I geta chance to get it loaded on the longarm. It measures 58 x 76.

Many thanks, Patricia.

Teresa F from IN sent me a box with some yardage in it. (Always great to get something from home, Indiana home.) One of the prints is a cute baby themed fabric. The yellow fabric will be a great compliment to the baby fabric. A nice blue or teal and I will have a 3-yard quilt in the works. She also included a nice solid rust colored fabric and a pastel plaid fabric. Love them all.

Thank you, Teresa.

Nancy L in FL sent me this UFO. The kit is called Eagle Quilt. Beautiful quilt with a combination of embroidery work and piecing. Nancy said her mother started the quilt when she was in her 80s and never was able to get it to assemble properly. Nancy says she tried a few years ago and did not succeed. Hopefully, the third time’s a charm and I can get it to become a reality. 

Nancy’s father was a WW II veteran and her mother would be very happy to see it completed in some way and presented to a veteran.

Stay tuned to see what the outcome is on this very special, beautiful quilt.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Very pretty quilts that I am sure Ray will make even prettier. I do hope he is able to complete the Eagle Quilt because it looks like it will be beautiful when complete. Thank you, Ray, and all the other contributors!

  2. I always love seeing Ray’s posts & this one was fabulous, as usual! Those quilts are all stunning! And your quilting will only add to their beauty!

  3. Great job Ray and those who helped make it happen. I’m sure those who received your gifts will feel very Blessed. It’s a nice thing you’ve given your time towards.

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