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The mailman has been busy delivering goodies to Ray’s house…which means Ray has been taking pictures and sending emails to me. It’s time for me to put them all together into a blog post.

Ray writes:
I received a package at the door today from Karen H. in NE. She had recently sent me several tops to finish and to donate including several red, white and blue tops. Well, today’s package was sixty 8.5 inch red, white and blue string blocks. OMG!! They are beautiful! Now I need to decide on a pattern to use to turn them into tops for the November veterans dinner. YIPEE!!!

Kathy G. in MI recently contacted me about sending some tops my way to finish and to donate. As you will soon see she is a scrap quilter. She says she uses Bonnie Hunter’s scrap-saver methodology and I have got to believe her. She does a wonderful job of piecing and amazes me because of the small size blocks that go into her quilts.

Here are the 2 yardages she sent. It is going to be a difficult decision to decide whether to use them as backings or to use them in tops. Time will tell.

The first top is made into strips using alternating 4 patch blocks and setting blocks. I love the way she uses one fabric throughout the entire top .To me it minimizes the overall scrappy look of the quilt. Just a different presentation. This top measures 63 x 76.

The next top is made of alternating rows of bricks and strips. Lots of fun fabrics in this top. It measures 61 x 74.

The next top is so much fun with the brick design and alternating 12-block bricks. Just look at all of those little blocks! It measures 64 x 83.

The next top uses a combination of 32 and 64-piece blocks. Yes, the sizes of the blocks are not all the same size, Amazing! It measures 53 x 79.

And now for the BIGGIE!! This top is made up of 64-piece blocks and measures 81 x 81. WOW!!

Karen and Kathy really showed us that great things can be done with little scraps. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and passing goodies on for Ray. It is so appreciated. Thanks to the parade of goodies!!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Very impressive. I love using scraps for quilts. You just don’t know how it will turn out till done. They look so cool when seen from a distance. Great job!

  2. “Wow” is right! Who knew such tiny scraps could pack such a punch! They’re fabulous & I know Ray will make them even more magical! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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