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Ray has been filling my email inbox. He’s so patient with me and doesn’t mind if I don’t get to his emails right away. I appreciate that so much!! Ray is one of those guys I only ever have good things to say about!!

Ray writes:

I wanted to share a community quilt I actually finished today. The commission quilts have been coming in at a steady pace and have not had a chance to sneak a community quilt into the schedule. At church, there is an Angel Tree that is put up every year with items that various families could use and appreciate to add a little something extra during the holiday season. Lester beat me to the tree and found a tag that listed a blanket (quilt) for a newborn boy. Lester checked if I had anything that would work. I remembered some panels that Andrea Y. in NY had sent me and found this one. Perfect panel.

While I was looking for some backing, some red fabric slid out. Loved the fabric and there was just enough for a border and binding.

Yeah!! Love the larger size for him to grow into. I used the stipple motif and white thread to complete the project.

My thanks to you and Andrea for a very special quilt for a special boy for Christmas.

I had a gap in commission quilts and grabbed a top off the shelf to longarm. Boy, does it feel good to do a community quilt for a change.

This top is from Joann C in CA. I normally am not a churn dash fan but I love this one. Joann used some really great fabrics and made the blocks bigger, 12 inch. Really made a difference for me. They are so much more modern.

The backing is from Holly M. in IN and goes so well with the top.

I decided on the daisy motif to compliment all the daisy fabric in the top.

My thanks to you, Joann and Holly for the support to finish this beautiful top.

I received a package in the mail today from Donna F. in NY. I am calling it a Christmas present as there were 2 beautiful quilt tops inside.

The first top is a red, white and blue top that will be great for the Veterans dinner in November. I love all the wonderful colors in the top. I have never seen this pattern before. It makes great use of the fabrics. It measures 50 x 75.

The other top is made from a panel. The colors are very subtle and calming. It will make a great lap quilt. It is 34 x 40.

Thank you Donna.

Wow…finished quilts and some to-be-finished quilts. What a great selection. Thanks so much to everyone who has sent goodies to Ray. He makes such good use of everything!! Thanks Ray.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Ray, I’m so happy you were able to put one of my panels to great use! The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Great work! So pleased that a little boy will have something to keep and treasure and grow up with!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Very well done Ray, when I make newborn baby quilts I like to make them at least 60 inches wide and long. Because babies grow so fast a 29 to 36 inch quilt is out grown by 3 to 6 months.

  3. Ray, it’s always good to see your work on all these great community quilts! I loved Joann’s “Daisy Dash”—what a great pattern variation and super fabrics!

  4. Fabulous work, as usual, Ray! Those are ALL beauties! THANX for sharing them with us on this frigid Sunday night!

  5. All great quilts and finishes. The first panel quilt for the little boy is really cute. Starting with a panel sure helps to make a quilt in short amount of time and they are so fun. Thanks Ray! and all the others who helped provide quilt tops or fabric.

  6. Ray, you have done a great job with these quilts. You’re magical when it comes to knowing the perfect way to finish them. The ladies contributing the tops are so talented and generous and deserve a high five! What a team all of you make!
    Ray, hope you are doing well after your health challenge. My thoughts are with you

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