Community Quilts from Ray

Ray has gotten in a lot of mail over the past few weeks and he’s sharing it with us today.

Ray writes:

Lillian G in WA sent me an email telling me that she needed to downsize the quilting stash and wanted to know if I could use some UFOs etc. Of course I said yes.The box came in today’s mail. OMG!!! It was loaded with all kinds of goodies. See pic attached. The lower left corner is a stack of orange fabrics for her Tang quilt. Remember Tang??? Above that is a huge stack of HSTs. There is even a small top buried in the pile. At the top is a conglomeration of items that just need a vivid imagination. :-) Continuing clockwise is a beautiful stack of reds and blues. Guess what they will be used for?? LOL!! The last stack is a group of leftovers from a sampler quilt that took “a few” years to finish.”

Thank you Lillian!!

I just received another box of goodies from Lillian G. in WA. I am getting spoiled in that I now have ready to use binding strips. She also included some 2 1/2-inch strips to use in various projects. And then there was a bag of HSTs ready to use for a top. I love HST tops but don’t want to take the time to cut all those triangles. Then there were also some vintage fabrics which always come in handy.

Patricia S. in LA notified me that she had finished another top and was sending it my way so I could be on the lookout for it in the mail. It came today and is gorgeous. It is a star quilt with bright yellow star blocks and black and white background fabrics. The gold stars on the black and white really pop. It measures 51 x 68.

Thanks Patricia.

I received a surprise package in the mail today from Linda S. in IA. She made 2 more quilts and sent them to me to finish and to donate. They are beautiful.

The first one is a two-fabric drunkard’s path variation. It is made from 2 complementing green and white print fabrics. It measures 57 x 57.

The second one is a brick-type pattern with lots of fresh spring colors. It measures 49 x 68.

She was so kind to send backing and binding with both quilts. They will both be very special quilts once I get them longarmed.

Thank you Linda.

Thanks for sharing all of the goodies Rays. Many thanks to those who sent items. It’s you who are donating that keeps the program moving along. THANK YOU!!

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Ray is certainly going to be kept busy with all this!
    I just wanted to wish you and your family a happy new year, Jo. Thank you for sharing your life with us this past year. We’ll be by your side (in thoughts if not in person), in 2024! xx

  2. So many wonderful items for Ray to work with! I hope he has fun and can keep up with all his projects. I really like the dunkard’s path in the greens – very pretty.

  3. You are one busy guy, Ray! These are all fabulous (as usual)! Thanks for sharing pix of your “haul” & these great quilts!

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