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Ray writes:
I received a big box of goodies from Karen H. in NE today. She wrote to me earlier to tell me she needed to do a destash and wanted to help me with the quilting cause. She says this did not even make a dent. OMG!!!

First is this cute little panel that will be great combined with some more space fabric for a top. I found some of that very fabric just this afternoon. Love it when a plan comes together.

Next is a wonderful group of red/white/blue yardage that will be great to have on hand for some more veteran quilts. And talk about spoiled, check out these rolls of premade binding. Lucky, lucky me.

And now to the quilt tops:

The first top is a square in a square pattern with bright. bold green and orange squares. Wow! This will be eye catching when aired on the lines. It measures 47 x 58.

Next is a wonderful use of leftover strips. Sew them together and make some big blocks. A bit of an I Spy there. It measures 54 x 66.

Next is a checkerboard pattern quilt. Love the fabrics and colors in this top as well. It measures 40 x 54.

Then another checkerboard with even more variety of colors. Love those lucky little ladybugs. It measures 40 x 53.

How very timely for this red and green checkerboard quilt. It definitely says “Merry Christmas”. It measures 47 x 53.

Then comes a group of red/white/blue quilts. YEAH!! Early start on quilts for the 2024 Veterans Day dinner.

The combination of fabrics makes this very straightforward 4-patch quilt so very special. It measures 44 x 53.

The next quilt reminds me of a disappearing 4 patch but the blue and white strips don’t look wide enough. Regardless, Love the look. It measures 47 x 54.

Next is a rail fence. What a great way to show off those 3 fabrics!! It measures 47 x 47.

WOW! Love how this quilt was put together. Great combination of rail fence and blocks. It measures 59 x 68.

Last but definitely not least is this beautiful quilt. I love all those big blocks that went into the quilt. It measures 49 x 56.

Thank you Karen for your generosity and for kicking off the red/white/blue quilts for 2024.

WOW. Thanks so much, Karen. It seems there is another Karen in the community quilt family. Seriously, I think we have four finishers who are Karen and we have Karin too! I appreciate all of the Karen’s and Karin’s including our newest on the blog Karen in NE who donated all these great projects!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Bravo to Ray and bravo to all the helpful Karens and Karins in the quilting world! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all your readers! Have a great Christmas, Jo. God bless you and your family!

  2. Wow! What a fabulous Christmas Day quilt show. Score, Ray! These are ALL fantastic & I know they’ll be even more special after you work your magic in them! Thank you for sharing them with us!

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