Community Quilts from Ray

Ray has both mail and finished quilts to share with us today…

Let’s start with mail. Ray writes:

I wanted to share with you this beautiful quilt from Barbara K. in IA that came in today’s mail. The soft, warm, vintage fabrics are a great combination for the quilt pattern. It looks like it belongs on Grandmother’s feather bed.

It is going to be a stunning quilt when it is finished. Barbara also sent coordinating backing and binding.The top measures 79x 79. I am not 100% sure I have the orientation correct. I based it on the layout of the border. Believe me it looks great either way it is turned

Thank you Barbara for your generosity.

I just realized that I had omitted sharing a couple of tops that I received in the mail from Linda S. in IA. She thought these might be good for the Airing of the Quilts in March and I could not agree more. They are beautiful.

The first top has the cutest ladybug fabric with red and white strips on two sides of the block along with a black cornerstone. I want to say it is a variation of a disappearing nine patch but I could be way off base with that idea. It measures 51 x 63.

The other quilt is a strip quilt with some awesome dinosaur fabric. Look out, Jurassic Park. It measures 44 x 55.

Linda was kind enough to include backing and binding with the tops.

Thank you, Linda

I was able to squeeze in one more community quilt before I have to get back to the commission quilts. This beauty is from Patricia S. in LA.

She is so talented at using up scraps and patient. I can not even begin to guess the number of pieces that went into the making of the top. The variety and colors are awesome! It is definitely an I Spy quilt with all the different fabrics that went into it. But then to be able to get a diamond pattern on top of that blows my little mind.

I used a stipple motif and white thread so that the top could shine in all of its glory.

The backing is out of the stash.

My thanks to you and Patricia and all the stash contributors for making this quilt a reality.

What fun mail and what a great quilt!! I love scrappy quilts like that. A person doesn’t have to be picky about the backing fabric. Anything works!!

For those curious, I believe the scrappy finished quilt that Ray showed is a free pattern on the Quilted Twins website. You can go there to check it out.

Many thanks to those of you who donated tops to Ray…and Ray, thanks for your wonderful contribution of the time and talent to the community quilt project.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Such beautiful quilts & quilting! Thanks Ray and all the quilters that contribute. You are all so generous with your time and talents!!!

  2. Thank you Ray, Barbara, Linda and Patricia for such beautiful quilts! I really like the scrappy quilt and making one is still on my bucket list.

  3. Thanks Ray for finishing up these beautiful quilts. And a big thanks to the quilters who shared their talents and those that donated materials. What a great community of quilters we have across our country!

  4. Wow! Such a spectacular quilt show! I agree – all are stunning (tho you know I’m partial to Civil War reproduction quilts & the one pictured is swoon worthy!). Thank you for all your hard work, Ray & for showing these gems to us!

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