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Many of you might realize that Ray finishes quilts as a business as well as donates many hours to longarming for charity. It always amazes me with how many quilts he finishes.

Ray writes:
I got a small break in commission quilts and finished this gorgeous quilt from Kathy S. in IL.

Kathy sent me some wonderful quilt tops this summer as she was preparing to move and needed to reduce the load to be moved. This beautiful 3D boxe quilts top was in the group. When I first saw it, I knew it needed to be set aside for a Christmas project. Sure enough the church ladies are having a holiday bazaar in December and wanted a quilt to raffle.

I used the star meander motif and a dark gold thread for the quilting.

I found some red star fabric to use for the backing.

It is on its way to a new journey. My thanks to you and Kathy for the supplies to finish this quilt.

Nancy F. in FL made this very special top and sent it to me to finish and to donate.

To me, it is a modern version of a log cabin quilt. There is something so very warm and peaceful about this quilt.

I decided to use the Baptist fan motif in black thread for the quilting.

Lots of dark colors are in the top. The backing is from the stash of a friend in the Fort Myers area.

Love how the motif pops on the back. My thanks to you and Nancy for the pieces to put this quilt puzzle together and to donate.

I love both of these quilts. Ray sure did pick the perfect motifs, threads, and backing fabric to really make them look great. I’m such a fan of baptist fans. Thanks so much to the quilt top donators…and to Ray. Great teamwork people!! I’m sure these will be very popular quilts.

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. What very nice quilts! Ray was right about the present quilt – a perfect one for the church bazaar. Thanks to all the donors of these beautiful creations and Ray for his beautiful finishes.

  2. The quilting on both those beauties (each so unique & beautiful!) is spectacular! Thanks for sharing them with us, Ray!

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