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I recently got an email from Ray sharing a quilt and a story. Ray writes:
Earlier I sent you info and pics of a quilt that Annie M in WA made and sent to me for the Veterans Day dinner. Julie W in TX is a long-distance quilting friend with Annie. When Annie told Julie about my call for patriotic quilts, they decided to each make a quilt top to send to me. On the left is Annie’s quilt. On the right is Julie’s quilt.

Annie’s quilt was featured in a previous post.

If you can take a look at the two tops carefully, you will see that they are sisters. There are differences in the fabrics used as well as a couple of alterations in the pattern. They are very similar. Just like sisters. What a special combination!!

I used the stipple motif for quilting with white thread on the top and bone thread on the back.

Julie sent the binding which really sets off the quilt. The backing is from Annie.

My thanks to you and this awesome duo, Julie and Annie.”

What fun it would be to have a quilting buddy and for both of you to donate your finished top to Veterans! What even better fun is to have a guy like Ray to finish them all!! THANKS, Ray, and thanks to Annie and Julie.

Speaking of Ray…a blog reader wrote about a story Ray prompted. The blog reader is Judy. She writes:

“In your September 17 post, Quilts from Ray, he mentioned that he had received a box of red, white, and blue quilt blocks from Sherry G. in New York and that if others wanted r,-w-b blocks also, they should contact her. You can find that post HERE.

I emailed her the same day!  I sew quilts, and knit and crochet blankets for Project Linus.  The organizations, schools, hospitals, etc. served by Project Linus, while extremely grateful for all donations, always have requests for “gender-neutral” fabrics, especially for teenagers.

Today, I received a box of 100 r-w-b 10″ blocks!  Attached is just a sample of the various patterns and fabrics.

A big thank you to Sherry for the blocks, to you, and to Ray for passing along Sherry’s generous offer to sew quilt blocks.

It’s so good to have connections. Feel free to contact Sherry if you’re interested. I’m not sure if she has more blocks or not. You can read more about her in THIS blog post. THANKS so much Sherry and Judy, I can’t wait to see the tops you make from the blocks!!

So much generosity…I love it!

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. I also requested some patriotic blocks from Sherry and they are very nice. She sent me 200, our group always has a veterans quilt sew in February, these will be used for sure.

  2. Wow such lovely quilts. Both of those two are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. How wonderful of Sherry to make quilt blocks and give them to various people to make into quilts. There are so many generous people, especially all you quilters! Thanks a bunch!!

  3. Jeanne T McArdle

    Dear Ray,
    Jeanne M here in Tucson and wanted to send xxoo to you for sharing Sherry with us.
    I too reached out and I received 200 blocks of r w blocks from her. Many blessings for your generosity.

  4. I also reached out to her. She has sent 400 blocks and I have divided them among the two quilt of valor groups I have connections with. They are beautiful and so greatly appreciated. It is such a generous donation.
    Thanks Sherry!

  5. Wow! Those “sister” quilts are stunning & I know will be loved & appreciated. And the blocks from Sherry are awesome! It’s so sweet of her to “keep busy” like that!

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