Community Quilts from Ray

Ray sent me pictures of three finished quilts to share with you today. Grab a drink and enjoy.

Ray writes:

This is the end of the patriotic quilts I have received for this year’s Veterans Day dinner in November. YEAH!!!! I got them done in plenty of time for dinner and now I can start on the backlog.

This Veteran’s quilt carries with it the thanks and admiration of three quilters – Laurie L in ID who started it all by making the center, Annie M. in WA who added surrounding rings and of course, me who brought it all together with the quilting. What a great group to be a part of.

The pattern is a variation of Bonnie Hunter’s Unity quilt, initially offered in the early days of the pandemic, now available for purchase on her website. Like all of Bonnie’s quilts, there are lots of pieces. The greater the number of different fabrics in each colorway, the more fun.

I used the stipple motif for longarming with an off-white thread on the front and back. The backing and binding are from Annie and are a great complement to the colors in the top.

My thanks to you, Laurie, and Annie for making this gorgeous quilt truly come alive.

After that quilt, I was looking for a fun quilt to longarm as a break from the patriotic quilts and found this beautiful string quilt from the Cresco Ladies in IA.

The colors are so very bright and cheery just the pick-me-up I needed as we have been having so much rain lately. This quilt would be perfect for a little that loves pink. Of course, most little girls love pink. LOL!!

Because of the lumps that string quilts create at the corners of the blocks, I did my free motion waves for the quilting with white thread on top and a bone-colored thread on the back.

I believe the backing fabric is from the Deb and Pat stash.

Never fear I still have plenty to use from those two generous ladies.

My thanks to you, the Cresco Ladies, and Deb and Pat. I am positive you will make someone’s day soon with this quilt.

CONGRATULATIONS to the many of you and Ray who worked so hard to get all of these Veteran’s quilts done and together. What a great milestone to have accomplished. I’m sure Ray will be accepting donated patriotic tops as he prepares for the 2024 program…as you all know, no great event happens without extended planning. If you are a charity quilter and are interested, feel free to make a patriotic top and send it Ray’s way. There are no size a strict requirements for the event that Ray supports.

I can see Ray’s excitement to pick up a colorful quilt that wasn’t patriotic. He’s done so many!! THANKS Ray…you rock!!

3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Wonderful finishes and I love seeing how quilts get done by others. It might need a border or two, more blocks and then the top quilting brings it all together to play well together. Lovely quilts

  2. As usual, great quilts and finishes. Thanks to all who made these and hopefully a veteran will feel loved when he or she receives one of them. Great work done by all!

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