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Before I get to today’s quilts, I’ve had a few emails from people looking for charity quilters.  Some would like their donations to go to someone in their area.  They have several reasons.  They want to help their own.  They would appreciate not having to bundle things up, take them to the post office and pay for shipping.  All are great reasons.

I’ve been trying to figure out how I could possibly find a way to accommodate this.  I’ve thought to make a Facebook group that would simply be dedicated to charity quilting.  For example, someone could say they are from Seattle and have goodies to offer to a charity quilter.  A charity quilter in the area could respond and say they would be happy to take the goodies and make them into charity quilt tops.

I know some don’t do Facebook so I don’t know if there is a different way to put together a database for everyone to have access to.

Another idea I had is to make a page here on the blog and organize it by state.  I could put it at the top of the page in the tab section.  Hmm.

I am open to more ideas.  I can see that there is a need and I’d like to fill it if I can.  Any ideas friends?  Think on it and let me know if anyone has any ideas.  I am totally willing to partner with someone who has experience with something like this as well.  I somehow think the project has grown beyond my humble little home and a bigger intervention will be needed in the future.

Now to today’s post…
I have three quilts from Ray to share with you today.

Ray writes:

The Cresco ladies created this top and I just got it finished. It is so adorable with all the little princesses in it.

These ladies really have a gift and thankfully they are willing to share. I contemplated a variety of patterns to use and finally decided on butterflies to go complement the butterfly fabric pieces. I then picked a light violet for the top and a white thread on the back.

The backing is from Doreen C, in IA.

Many thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, and Doreen for the collaboration or this special quilt. Now I need to find that special little princess so she can have this lovely quilt.”

Here is quilt number two…
Ray writes:
“I just finished this quilt that you sent me. Your note said it came from Kim. I just love the bright colored pinwheels in the quilt. The fabrics blend together so well.
The corner blocks add that special touch to the quilt.

I racked my brain trying to determine what motif to use for the quilting. Nothing that I had done in the past worked. I pulled out my manual with the patterns and started looking. I looked at the quilt for hints. That is when I saw the swirls in the background fabric. I located a double swirl pattern and knew that was the one. I selected a bone-colored thread.

I love the final result. Beautiful. The backing came from Patrica T. in WA.

Thanks to you, Kim and Patricia for the contributions to make this community quilt spectacular.”

You are being treated today.  Ray has four quilts to share.
Ray writes:

I just finished this sweet quilt from the Cresco ladies. The red pinwheels really get your attention.

But the jungle animal print is absolutely darling. Then add a little polka dot fabric for some more fun. I tried out a new motif on this quilt and really like how it came out. It is called Trillium leaf. I opened it up as big as I could because the batting had such a high loft. I used an off-white thread to keep the soft look.

The backing is from Pat and Deb in FL. Cute quilt!!

Thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for your contributions to another special donation/community quilt.”

The next quilt from Ray is a favorite of mine…

Ray writes:
Finished this quilt yesterday but did not get pics taken until today. This is a sweetheart of a quilt from the Cresco ladies.

They started with a block in a block square and kept adding borders to it in complementing fabrics of red, white, and aqua blue. They even added some embroidery work on one of the borders. Awesome! When trying to decide on a quilting pattern, I honed in on one of the borders that used fabric with hearts in it. I had to go with the heart pattern and they needed to be red.

The backing came from Holly in IN and picked up the blue in the top.Thanks to Jo, the Cresco ladies, and Holly for being so sweet to send me these project pieces to create this sweetheart quilt. I am sure someone will enjoy all the love that goes with this quilt.

Thanks so much, Ray for your great work, to Sandra and the Cresco ladies as well as everyone who joined together to make these great quilts happen.


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  1. Jo, I for one think the idea of a page here on your blog would be a great thing to match those in need for charities. I am getting away from FB so that would not work well for me & there are likely others who would be in the same boat. Thanks for all you do to coordinate it all.

    1. Maybe you could call on United way in your community to find local groups that are already producing quilts. It’s all about information and how it’s decemenated. Not everyone is on Facebook. Every local news station loves a feel good story, so maybe a parts to piece together during one week every quarter. Could start something, never know until you try.

  2. I think a page on the blog with the address/ phone number for longarm quilter’s would be wonderful. I sent a few tops to you that ended up with Ray which according to his post lives just across the bridge from me in Fort Myers Florida. I would love to be able to drop off tops directly to save on the postage.

    1. I think that rather than having someone’s address and/or phone number listed, that their email address would be better. In the subject line, just put Charity Quilt, something like that. Arrangements can be made via email for dropping off items.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I quilt with a local quilt guild that has a strong community outreach program. We get many donations of quilts, fabric, tops, and UFOs from people who are not members. They find us from Facebook, the website, and word of mouth. Your readers may find something locally with a Facebook request, or a computer search.

    Another approach would be to ask the agency (hospital, Ronald McDonald, shelter, etc.) where their quilts come from. They may have a contact of a local group that would take donations and support a local need.

    This year, our guild has remained active with virtual meetings, Zoom sewing sessions, and fabric porch drops. Our membership has grown as people have had time to reach out from home. Maybe your readers may find a new local way to support community outreach. Thanks for your help to keep quilters connected.

  4. You should not be the only source for donations. Sometimes it is the easiest. Maybe I am thinking this because I have you along with others. I spend the worth around. You should do what works for you. I thought you had a tab for quilters. Please continue to do your great work without wiping out the joy.

  5. I live in the Fl panhandle and even though Ray is in Fl, It is a very long way to his house. Very long. Fl is a big state. I live closer to Mobile, Al than Orlando. I know that you have a blog reader who lives in Destin who is right down the road from me. I’m thinking her name is Karen. She and I need to hook up. I live in Fort Walton Beach. She will be familiar with that. Hope she sees this.
    We depend on the quilt shops to let us know about long arm quilters but they are busy as well, trying to keep their shops open. It seems that a site, like the Row by Row site where the state quilt shops are listed would be something needed. Many aren’t willing to put their names out there either.
    I was cleaning out my room yesterday and decided to call a friend who does Quilts of Valor. She is happily going to accept my leftover red/white/blue fabrics. Feeling lighter already.

  6. A directory of some nature of long armers that will accept, long arm and donate quilts would be great. I have recently been contacted by individuals who have fabric to donate and have been unable to find someone to donate to locally. I am driving a few hours to meet a lady this weekend to transfer several bags of fabric. I was also contacted by a lady in NY that makes tops and has no one local to donate to. She searched and found me and is mailing them to me. I think this would be a great next step.

  7. I agree with the other posters – just pray it’s not too much work for you!
    Thank you for all you do to not only get the word out but to connect everyone.
    Love and prayers

  8. Another great batch of quilts, Jo! Thanks for sharing these finishes from Team Ray. Sandra’s solution to the missing letters was brilliant! Regarding the Community Quilt program, best of luck with figuring out how best to proceed.

  9. I donate about 99% of my quilt tops. Really have the need for fabric as I have pretty much depleted my stash. Would like to see some type of data base either through your web site or a link to one.

      1. Hi Doris, I am in Wisconsin. Sorry, should have put that in my post. It probably would not be cost affective to mail anything these days. Hopefully you can locate someone to take them. If you have thrift stores in your area you might want to reach out to them to see if they know of someone who would take them. Thanks.

    1. Dear Peggy,
      Just read your blog about needing fabric. I have much to share and would be more than willing to share. Anything in particular you are looking for.

      1. Hi JJeanne, I am in central Wisconsin but travel regularly to the La Crosse area and Eau Claire. I have a person that will take my pieced tops but am always on the look out for quilting fabric.

        1. Melody Schmitz

          Peggy, I am from just outside of Lacrosse. I would have fabric to donate but would need alitttle time to sort.

      1. Quilting fabric, children’s prints, precuts,
        Just about anything a quilter would look for. Even scraps as long as they are 2″ or bigger/longer. I have a lot of “go to” patterns that I can use. Thanks to everyone for their response on this post whether you are helping me or one of the other commenters!

  10. Love your quilts and stories, but most of all your and heart. The tab on your blog works for me. The “spreadsheet/index card” side of me says a fill-in format might make it more manageable for you and useful for us. Essential info might be email address, city, state, need (choice of fabric, blocks or tops) and cause (where items go to). I love seeing all the goodness being shared here. Thank you for all you do.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    I like the idea of a sate by state long arm quilting site. It would be a good thing. Ray did a great job with those lovely quilts. I can hardly wait to get my ma hibe up and running again.

  12. I would like to see some kind of list – whatever works best for you. I have fabric, blocks, and finished quilts I would like to donate. I am happy to mail all of it to you but that seems like more work for you. I would donate in my area but don’t know where or how to find out where to donate them.

    1. Dear Cindy,
      I just read your blog and was wondering if I sent you postage money would you be willing to send a box to me. I am always looking for finished and unfinished quilts and blocks and fabric.
      Also, if you are willing I would be happy either send cash or check, whichever you prefer

  13. Another wonderful update on Ray and getting those charity quilts finished. I really enjoy reading of his process for picking a design for each of the tops. I’m usually at a lost on what I would like the long armer to do for me. Thank you Ray for your generosity of time and talent.

  14. Hi Jo,
    If you had a persistent link on your website to a google doc then anyone could fill out their desires for fabric/supplies or their availability in finishing quilts as well as where they were located and the place to which donations would be sent. If you used a google “sheet” (a spreadsheet), it would be easily searchable by location or type of charity and thus be less work for you.

    I also note that people can always google Project Linus, Quilts of Valor, quilt or fabric donation or Days for Girls to find local chapters that are looking for material or donations. While it is a great service for you to link people together, you don’t have to do it all!

  15. Absolutely love the idea of a way to connect with others – be it to receive donations, send on quilt tops for quilting , or connecting with others in my state (Ohio). I’m not on Facebook so a spreadsheet of sorts sounds like a good idea. But you are very busy to begin with so maybe some of us could pitch in to help with it??

    Love Sandra’s idea of filling in the missing quilt blocks with applique – ingenious!

    All the quilts Ray did are beautiful and will be loved by their new owners.

  16. People who want to donate tops or fabric locally can also look for a quilt guild in their area. Most quilds have a charity or community service group that finishes the quilts and manages donations to to local charity groups. To find a guild, try googling “quilt guild” + name of your town, county, or even the state.

  17. In my area (I live in Montana) I’ve just called up a church office and asked if they had a group of ladies who quilted and would like some donated fabric. Methodist and Lutheran churches usually have a group who do this.

  18. Shannon B in Texas

    Great post today, Jo. I always enjoy your posts. I really appreciate Ray and enjoy the stories of each quilt. I am amazed that all the quilts always look meticulously planned. So talented, Team Jo. Our local guild accepts donated fabric and turns them in to quilts. Our solution is not very technical but we have a very energetic coordinator.

  19. Margaret in North Texas

    Beautiful finishes Ray!! You do pick the best quilting pattern to enhance each one and thanks to all those who helped you along the way. Great teamwork.Margaret

  20. My local quilt shop is a good resource for charity quilting. I was gifted 8 bins of fabriç and picked out all the baby fabrics with matches for one of our gals who specializes in quilts for hospitalized youngsters, she about passed out when she got so many “sets”. Other than donating fabric I haven’t gotten involved, but I think local quilt shops might be a place to start. My quilt shop put out a call for masks, too, and I made masks for them. I made masks for small local businesses where I shopped, just running that through the owners (just showed up with masks, they were so pleased and gave each employee one). We have charity quilters at church, too. I enjoy seeing your charity quilts.

  21. Hi Cindy – saw your comment above – I’m looking for fabric donations and was wondering where you live? I am working on charity quilts. Thanks

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