Community Quilts from Ray

People have said I am like the energizer bunny and always so busy. I think the real energizer bunny is Ray! He’s at it again finishing more quilts!!

Ray writes:

Patricia S. in LA sends me very interesting quilts such as this one.

Maybe there is a proper name for it. If there is, I don’t know. To me it is a 3D, string, I Spy quilt. The directional cut of the string blocks along with the contrasting colors gives it a 3D look. There are so many fun fabrics in the strings. Love it.

I used the stipple motif with bone-colored thread on top and black thread on the back.

I found this backing fabric in the stash. Great, fun quilt!

My thanks to you, Patricia, and the backing provider for the makings of a great quilt.

Patty K. in FL made this very interesting quilt top with blocks containing 4 arrows.

I have never seen this block before and do not know the name.Lots of interest in the blocks and the color combinations.

It is a fun little quilt and I decided to use the Suzy loops motif for the longarming. All the loops and circles soften the lines in the quilt.

I think the backing is from the Deb and Pat stash.

My thanks to you, Patty, Deb and Pat for another wonderful quilt to go to Sew and Sew to bind and donate to Quilts 4 Kids.

Annie M. in WA also made a patriotic quilt for the Veterans Day event.

The pattern, fabric, and piecing are wonderful! You just have to look at it and appreciate it. It speaks for itself.

I took the easy way out on longarming it with the stipple motif and bone-colored thread.

Annie supplied the backing and binding.

It is awesome! My thanks to you and Annie for a very special quilt for a deserving vet.

That was another great quilt parade. I am always so impressed by the generosity of quilt top donors. It takes someone really special to put so much time into a project they are giving aways. We are so blessed to always have an abundant supply of tops… the perfect amount of finishers…and the perfect amount of batting and backing. Thanks to everyone for making these wonderful quilt parades happen!!

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  1. All of these are great quilts. I particularly liked the patriotic quilt. Red, white and blue are always my favorites. Great quilting, Ray. Thanks to all who created and donated their time to make these so another may be blessed.

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