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Ray never takes a rest. He has taken his farm-boy work ethic from childhood and completely transformed it into a hard-working longarmer!! He has three quilts to share today. One is patriotic the rest are not. I think he’s getting close to having the patriotic quilts finished.

Ray writes:
I pulled another smaller quilt top out to finish and it is from Patty K. in FL. OK, we have all seen crazy quilts. Well, this one is a crazy, crazy quilt. Check it out. Isn’t is fun!

There is so much going on in this quilt, that I have no idea as to where to begin or what to say. Lots and lots of string pieces and pieces on top of pieces. But it works and that is the main thing.

I used a stipple motif and a deep orange thread for the quilting.

I believe the backing is from the Deb and Pat stash.

It is off to Sew and Sew to bind and donate to Quilts 4 Kids. My thanks to you, Patty, Deb, Pat, and the Sew and Sew ladies for another unusual, fun quilt.

Sarah made this wonderful baseball quilt that I finished. This quilt has baseball and more baseball fabric in it.

From a distance, it looks like a two-color quilt, red and neutral.

When you look closer you see the neutral is loaded with baseballs.

And if that was not enough, Sarah also included baseball fabric for the backing. Of course. I used the baseball motif to longarm it in an off-white thread.

Sarah also included the binding. I think this one is truly a home run. My thanks to you and Sarah for a game-winner quilt.

Carole H. from MD made this beautiful pinwheel patriotic quilt with a stars and stripes border on the top and bottom.

Love all that red, white, and blue. Gorgeous.

I used the star meander motif for the quilting to go along with the stars in the border and binding. White thread on the top and bone-colored thread on the back.

The backing is from the Arline stash. Carole included the star-binding fabric.

My thanks to you, Carole, and Arline for another special quilt for a veteran.

Thanks so much to everyone who plays a role in making these quilts happen. Ray time and time again credits all of you…I credit Ray too!! What a talent he is…and what a dedicated longarmer. My email box always has a message or two with quilts from Ray. Just when I think I’m caught up, he proves me wrong. Trust me, it’s a good “problem” to have!! Thanks Ray…and to everyone who helped make these quilts happen!!

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Stephani in N. TX

    In my “guild member” days, I was the comfort quilt chairman for 3 years, our version of quilt donations. Those who could long-arm quilts were dearly loved. Lots of appreciation to those who make those pretty fabric collections into real quilts that get used and loved by others. Really loved the stars and stripes quilt, need to remember that border. Well done Ray, thanks for helping Jo’s coordinating efforts move those quilts along to those who need them.

  2. Great job by all. Love to see the finishes and know they will be put to good use. Thanks to those who donate, piece, finish, and to Ray who quilts and narrates.

  3. Such beautiful quilts, I especially like the baseball quilt! Thanks to all who made these happen by sewing, donating fabric, and of course, Ray, for quilting. I am sure they will be loved by some special recipient.

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