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Ray has been cruising along finishing up quilt tops. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know he’s been finishing a lot of patriotic quilts. Today Ray has quilts to share with you that are not patriotic.

Ray writes:

I found this wonderful quilt hidden away in a stack of tops and pulled it out to finish.

The note on it says it came from Robin P.

It is a beautiful 25-patch quilt with a ton of purple I Spy blocks. Anything and everything with purple went into this quit. There is LSU, MN Vikings, McDonalds, Snoopy, Harry Potter, and the list goes on. 

The purple backing is from a pack of backings you sent me some time ago and looked to be the perfect match for this quilt.

I used the stipple motif with a light purple thread on the top and a medium purple thread on the back.

Awesome quilt! My thanks to you and Robin for such a great quilt.

I snuck a baby quilt from Patty K. in FL onto the longarm today.

I didn’t have much time but still wanted to get another quilt finished. Patty made this darling quilt from some yardage and added a wonderful farm border to it. I felt like I was on the farm and at the zoo.

I used the stipple motif to keep it simple.

White thread on the front and light green on the back.

Unfortunately, I do not recall who the green backing fabric came from but it was just what the quilt needed.

My thanks to you, Patty, and the backing provider for the pieces to long arm this quilt. Now I need to get it off to the Sew and Sew group to bind, and then get it to Quilts 4 Kids.

 I finished a quilt that Barbara K. in IA sent to me.

To me it is a strip quilt. Only she used 4 inch strips instead of the usual jelly roll strips.

I love the fabrics she chose for the top. They are dark colors and unless you get up close the designs are difficult to see.

Several of the designs are winter themed. Therefore, I went with the star meander motif with dark gold colored thread for a bit more holiday appeal.

My thanks to you and Barbara for the makings for this beautiful quilt.

I still have some patriotic quilts to finish but wanted to finish a regular community quilt for a change of pace. This four-patch type of quilt top is from Barabara K. in IA.

I love the wonderful mix of fabrics in the top and the way the 4 patch blocks are set off by the narrow sashing.

I found an unusual backing print in the stash that I think came from Deb and Pat.

I used the stipple motif to keep the quilt simple with bone colored thread on the top and black on the bottom.

Great quilt!! My thanks to you, Barbara, Deb and Pat for the makings of another very special community quilt.

Wasn’t that a good set of quilts?? I have loved seeing the patriotic finishes that Ray has been doing but I bet it was nice for him to switch it up don a different style of quilt.

Many thanks to the top makers, fabric donators, and of course to Ray. The time and money all of you put into these great finishes is so appreciated!!

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