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Ray is at again…or rather I should say still. Here are the latest quilts.

Ray writes:

Colleen M lives very close to my daughter Amanda in the Saint Paul suburbs. She was not able to join us at Four Daughters for the terrific get-together we had on Friday.

Colleen, like so many others, is trying to do some destashing. That means she shared it with me and you and/or the Cresco ladies.

The boxes were then transferred to you for you to share. I kept the paper bag of goodies.

She bought some yardage of a collection called Dancing Cats and then decided not to use it. It is going to make a terrific Halloween quilt once I can locate a pattern for the fabric.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

The other pic is some very interesting yardage. The veggie fabric will be fantastic on a veggie quilt top that I needed a backing for. The Native American fabric will go with some fabric that has various Indian headdresses.

The other piece can be used with a lot of tops. Just need to decide which it is best suited for.

Today was a busy day and all I had time for was a small quilt from Patty K. in FL. This creative quilt from Patty is called Aquamarine Friendship.

She has her own special way of taking blocks and assembling them in a very creative manner. Love the whale and seahorse in two of the corners.

I found some light green flannel to use for the backing in the stash.

I used the stipple motif to keep it simple with blue thread on the top and light green on the back.

This one is ready to go to Sew and Sew to bind and donate to Quilts for Kids. My thanks to you and Patty for your generous support.”

Robin B. from UT sent me this beautiful sampler-style top in great patriotic colored fabrics.

She did a super job with the piecing as some of the blocks are postage stamp-size pieces. Gorgeous quilt. In her note, she says she is from a long line of patriots who have served and her son is currently stationed at Fort Douglas and has served in Kuwait and twice in Afghanistan. IMPRESSIVE!!

I found some yardage from Nancy F in FL with gold in it to use for the backing.

I selected the stipple motif and bone-colored thread for the quilting.

A real beauty for a deserving veteran. My thanks to you, Robin, and Nancy for the support to finish this awesome quilt.

Thanks so much for taking all of the time to take pictures and share these quilts and goodies with us Ray. I’m in awe of both of the wonderful finished quilts. Thanks for taking the time and donating these to a worthy cause.

3 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Hi, as usual Ray has hit the ball out of the park with his finishes. All the quilts are beautiful!!! The one with the the whale and seahorse in particular. So very lovely.

  2. The vegetable fabric brings back good memories. My mother and I made a signature quilt for my father’s 6oth birthday – 28 years ago – and that was the backing because he was a big gardener. Vegetables never go out of style!

  3. I always look forward to seeing and reading about Ray’s quilts. The number of people involved with each one shows there are lots of kind and generous souls in this world.

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