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I’m off getting tests done today for my 6-month cancer check-up. I didn’t want to leave you without a blog post so I am squeezing this one in and giving you an extra community quilt post. I’ll be back with my regular posts tomorrow.

I have quilts from Ray to share with you. I’m writing and publishing posts as quickly as I can but I still can’t seem to get them all out. These quilts from Ray came in before our meet-up a week or so ago.

Ray writes:
Yup, I finished another patriotic quilt today. This one is from Sherrill P. in TX. She did a wonderful; job piecing those flags.

They are all in beautiful formation. I used the stipple motif in a bone-colored thread to minimize the effect of the quilting.

Sherrill supplied the awesome patriotic backing and I had some leftovers to use for the binding.

Waste not, want not as my Mother would always say. My thanks to you and Sherrill for another special patriotic quilt for the veterans’ dinner in November.

This is the first of two quilt tops that Shep M. in VA sent to me for the veteran’s dinner recognition.

It is a most interesting nine-patch quilt. The center blocks are all the same and all the surrounding eight blocks are the same fabric. Lots of blues and stars in this top.

I used the star meander and red thread for the quilting to add some more red to the mix.

The backing and binding are from the Arline H stash.

It’s a great quilt that will be appreciated by a vet. My thanks to you, Shep, and Arline for your support on this project.

Now weren’t those fun? I so admire Ray. So many of us would put this off and say “I don’t need these until November, what’s the hurry?” No, not Ray. He jumps in and works on them immediately. WOW. I admire that.

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent tops and goodies Ray’s way. It is so appreciated.

21 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Pretty quilts, I really like the first – American flag one, Thanks Ray and the others who donated fabric or quilt tops! These quilts will certainly make somebody feel very loved.

  2. Beautiful as usual! :-) Thank you to Ray and those of you who donated fabric.
    Prayers of course for the testing and check-up.
    Love and prayers

  3. The messages before this one are gobbledygook gook.So of course I am imagini g not so good medical results.i will be so happy for this to be repaired.

  4. I Love your blog so much!! The previous two posts were the jibberish again. Dang it!!!
    I really wanted your health updates and I’m hoping you can post them again.

  5. Jo,

    Pls resend the posts regarding your health. They came thru as computer gibberish. I am concerned for you. Sending prayers!


    1. Go back and check them now. You can go to the blog here…
      Just scroll back until you find the posts you missed.

    1. Go back and check them now. You can go to the blog here…
      Just scroll back until you find the posts you missed.

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