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I have a treat for you today.  I have THREE quilts from Ray.  Oh my word, he has been a quilting fool lately finishing so many charity quilts.

Ray writes:
I needed to get you caught up on some quilts that I finished this week. The first is a beautiful quilt in purple and green.

I am not normally a purple fan but I really like this one. The green in it really gives some balance to all of the purple. I was stumped as to what pattern to use and what color thread as well. I finally decided on the butterfly pattern but made it much smaller to add texture to the natural colored blocks.

I also chose a neutral thread to let all that purple take center stage. The backing came from Deb and Pat in FL.
There was not quite enough of the purple print so I found a print with some purple flowers in it. I really like the combination. My thanks to you, the Cresco Ladies, Deb, and Pat for providing me with the tools I needed to pull this quilt together and get it ready to be donated.”

For next quilt….

Rays writes:
Here is another quilt from the Cresco ladies that I finished this week. It is a bit larger and is most interesting with the big layer cake squares.

There is a wide variety of colors and patterns and even some flannel was thrown in the mix. But what a beautiful mix it is. I decided to go with the daisy pattern as there were a few daisies on the front and tons of them on the back.

I also used the white thread as there were so many colors in the quilt already. I believe the backing came from Deb and Pat in FL.
Yes, those are two different yardages but the designs were meant to complement each other. Thanks again to you, the Cresco ladies Deb and Pat for your contributions on this wonderful quilt as it prepares to extend its journey as a donation.”

The last quilt for the day…

Ray writes”
Finished this quilt yesterday but did not get pics taken until today. This is a sweetheart of a quilt from the Cresco ladies.

They started with a block in a block square and kept adding borders to it in complementing fabrics of red, white and aqua blue. They even added some embroidery work in one of the borders. Awesome!

When trying to decide on a quilting pattern, I honed in on one of the borders that used fabric with hearts in it. I had to go with the heart pattern and they needed to be red.

The backing came from Holly in IN and picked up the blue in the top.

Thanks to Jo, the Cresco ladies and Holly for being so sweet to send me these project pieces to create this sweetheart quilt. I am sure someone will enjoy all the loves that goes with this quilt.

WOW!!  Those such great quilts.  I have to say the heart motif on the last quilt is awesome.  Love it!!

I saw all of these tops before they were sent to Ray and oh my, they turned out so great.  Ray is a real talent…but you all knew that already!!

Thanks to every who had a hand in making these.



10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Just woken up in the UK and doing my favourite thing whilst I enjoy a cup of tea in bed…. reading Jo’s Blog! What a wonderful start to the morning, gazing at 3 more beautiful quilts finished by Ray, sewn by the Cresco Ladies( I would love to see a photo of them all), using scraps gifted from people from all corners of the USA.
    All three quilts are gorgeous, every one sings to me. The purple and green fabric is so fresh and pretty and was turned into a delightful quilt, the daisy patch one is lovely too (jolly somehow) and the Sweetheart quilt with its embroidery is super. But of course, as always, Ray has brought them to life and made them sparkle with his thoughtful planned quilting designs. I really enjoy reading through the thought processes Ray uses for every quilt. He’s a great artist with his choices of quilting designs and thread colours. Well done, everyone!

  2. Hello Jo
    The quilts are lovely and Ray’s quilting really adds something extra to them.
    Jo I would love it if you would tell us all about the Cresco ladies. I would like to know how many of them there are and where they are based. How did they get together and decide to make quilts for charity. Are the quilts all made from donated fabric? I am picturing parcels flying up and down the US with fabric and quilts. Who is the Mastermind behind organising it all?
    I ask because life is very dull here at present in strict Lockdown so it gives me a great deal of pleasure thinking of you all quilting away dotted about the country.
    Do tell if you have the time.

  3. So many people bringing such beauty into the lives of those who need it. Thank you to all for such wonderful work!
    Love and prayers

  4. Beautiful quilts. I, too, love the heart motif. Thanks for coordinating the efforts of all involved. Each quilt will be loved and bless someone special.

  5. Wonderful quilts and Ray you did each quilt proud with the top quilting. I like the idea of butterflies on the purple floral and the red hearts on the last one, each is perfectly done. Wonderful way to start my day.

  6. Those quilts are so beautiful and colorful. I had some of the small purple flowered piece. I do love purple. Such good color combinations and Ray does a wonderful job finishing them up and putting binding on them.

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