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Ray has been busy at the long arm. The snowbirds have long since flown home away from the Florida temperatures so things on the business side of things for Ray aren’t busy but on the Community Quilt side of things…it’s crazy. He’s working to finish up many of the patriotic quilt tops you all sent his way.

Ray writes:
I have an explosion of red, white, and blue to share with you. Carole H. in MD made this top and sent it to me to finish for the veteran’s recognition dinner.

The center medallion is made up of geometric blocks to look like interconnecting squares. (I have yet to figure out how they were pieced.). Then a brown border. Then another border of more geometric links. There is a wide border of HSTs of white stars on a blue background and red and white stripes. A dark blue border for a final touch. Gorgeous!!

I used the Suzy loops motif with white thread to soften all the lines a bit.

Carole included the backing and binding.

My thanks to you and Carole for the materials needed to finish this spectacular quilt for a vet.

The temps over the 4th of July were record-setting so I stayed inside and longarmed this red, white and blue top from Arlyn P. in MA.

I could not think of a better way to celebrate the 4th. She made this beautiful top with some really awesome fabrics to make those red and blue stars pop. The combination of the medallion stars and the border stars is superb.

I used a white thread and the stipple stitch for the longarming. Understating the quilting as always. WOW!!

My thanks to you and Arlyn for another awesome quilt to hang for the veterans’ dinner in November.

Debra D. from LA made this awesome top and sent it to me to finish and add to the veteran quilts for the November event.

I love the creativity that is expressed with this patriotic panel. She added some great borders and then capped it off with those fantastic corner star blocks.

Debra included the red backing fabric.

I decided to use the stipple motif with white thread for the quilting. The messages in the quilt not the quilting.

My thanks to you and Debra for providing me with the materials to finish another very special quilt for a deserving veteran.

Wasn’t that a great patriotic parade of quilts? WOW. They all look so good. I’m so happy that Ray takes the time to photograph and write up such a nice explanation about each of the quilts. Many thanks to Ray and the wonderful people who donated the tops. What a special way to honor our veterans!!

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  1. I have a RWB top to send to you (do you still need more?( but it’s NOTHING even close to all the beauties you’ve been showing us. They are all stunning!

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