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I’ve been behind on my email. Between grandkids and the retreats and life, I’m treading water. It happens…I don’t want to miss out on summer because I’m stuck to a computer so emails have waited until today. Well, some will wait a few more days. I’m at least starting to tackle them!!

Today I have news from Ray…he has a mail call in a big way. He has goodies from several people.
Ray writes:
I received a wonderful box in the mail from Doreen C in IA. Lots of really nice things that she was sharing that had been shared with her.

In the lower right corner is part of 1 of 4 polar bear panels. Those will be great to add some winter borders for some great winter-themed quilts.

In the lower left is a bolt of batik fabric. I have been dreaming of making a batik quilt and this should be the glue that pulls it all together. The top row is made of 4 different yardages. I need to make a fall quilt and those pumpkins will be perfect.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Katie and Brian B in NJ. They had found your website (congrats on a great SEO) and pulled my name from your list of finishers and contacted me. Katie is an avid quilter and is going to have their first child any day now. She needed to get rid of some stash to make room for the new arrival. The next thing I knew, three boxes arrived in the mail. One box included 10 small quilt tops and the other two contained a wide assortment of fabric. Lots of great stuff to use for piecing some quilts.

Attached is a pic of the stash followed by a parade of tops.

The first top is made from a variety of 2.5-inch strips with pinwheels set in the top for some added interest. It is 31 x 40 and will most likely get a border.

Next is a beautiful string top. I love all the fabric and colors in it. It measures 30 x 36 and will get a border treatment as well.

Then I pulled out a square in a square batik. Check out that outside border. Awesome. It measures 44 x 65.

These next 4 tops all used the same pattern as best as I can determine. However, because of the placement of print and background fabrics, you get a couple of different looks. See what you think. Part of me wants to keep each one separate and part of me wants to combine all 4 into one quilt. Totally undecided as to what to do. Two of them are 29 x 29 and two of them are 29 x 38.

The next quilt is another batik in a log cabin pattern. Beautiful fabrics. It measures 53 x 53.

The next quilt has a lot of oriental-themed fabric and has 3D pinwheel blocks. Love the design and it is going to make me do some straight-line quilting on it. It measures 44 x 54.

The last top was this sweet pastel quilt with pinwheels and brown sashing. It measures 51 x 67.

Thanks to Katie and Brian and best wishes on their new addition to the family.

Bev C in NY is still destashing and sent me another box of goodies and a couple of tops to share with you.

The First pic has a lot of things in it. Lower left is a four-patch dinosaur quilt UFO. To the right is a vintage baseball quilt UFO. Lower right corner has 2 Kansas WInter honey buns as well as a start of some blocks made from the strips. Upper right corner is a stack of flannel yardage as well as a flannel UFO. To the left is a cute kids’ quilt UFO in beautiful primary colors. At the top is a stack of solid-color fabrics. 

Steve says he is going to make a quilt out of the Kansas Winter blocks that are already started. Time will tell on his progress as small blocks are definitely not his forte. I could use some recommendations on strip quilts using honey buns. I have never sewn with them before.

The first top is a beautiful green jelly roll strip top. It measures 38 x 60. I am thinking a nice rose-colored border would brighten it up a bit.

The other top is definitely bright and bold. Love the colors and the star pattern. Looks like Florida for sure. It measures 54 x 71.

WOW!! What a lot of mail Ray got. I’m sure he was busy sorting, labeling, and finding places in his home for all of the goodies. Thanks to all of you for sending things his way. It is so appreciated!!

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Wow. I can’t imagine all the stash out there yet to be used. Great work Ray and to those that put those beauties together!

  2. On Ray’s question on what to do with the four disappearing block tops, I would vote to sew them together if he needs a bigger quilt rather than four baby quilts.

    1. Sue: I was thinking the same thing. At least the two green together then the other two together with borders.
      Happy Quilting.

  3. Some beautiful work here both by Ray and the ladies that donated plus beautiful stash! Can’t wait to see what Steve does with the Kansas Winter blocks.
    Love and Prayers

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