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I have mail and finished quilts from Ray to share with you today…First up, let’s tackle the mail.

Ray writes:

Kathy S, in IL contacted me about sending me some quilt tops again. She had sent some a couple of years ago and is now in the process of preparing to move and needed to rehome some tops. I deeply sympathize with her. I have personally moved numerous times. So I get to share some gorgeous quilts with you.

First is a jelly roll strip quilt that is set at a 60 degree angle. The strips are beautiful solids and add to the excitement of the quilt. I see a 3D effect with the setting as well. I like the points at the top and bottom but my binding skills are going to have to advance. It measures 48 x 64 and it came with backing.

Next is a Bonnie Hunter Hunter’s String Star quilt in red and neutral. Oh, yes! It is just like the picture on Bonnie’s website. OMG! All the pieces of beautiful fabrics. It measures 65 x 80.

Then there is the Pat Speth Stars over Mitford quilt. I looked at the picture in Pat’s More Nickel Quilts and Kathy made a variation of it. She used some connector blocks between the star blocks. That really made the star pop. It measures 71 x 82 and it came with some deep purple binding.

Then I found another Bonnie Hunter quilt. This one is Nearly Lemonye. Check out the colors in this top. WOW! Beautiful. It measures 53 x 68 and it came with some backing fabric.

Last but definitely not least is a 3D boxes quilt. The colors and the design make me think of Christmas morning. Gorgeous! It measures 51 x 52.

Thank you, Kathy, and good luck with your move.

I finally got the binding on this beautiful quilt from Arlyn P in MA. This is the first patriotic top from Arlyn that I have gotten longarmed.

It came in as a red and white two-color quilt and now has a touch of blue. I selected a royal blue thread and the Madeline scroll for the quilting.

Love how it softened the lines of the red stars. The backing is from you in a bundle you sent and I have been hanging on to it for just the right quilt. I used some of the backing fabric for binding for a bit more blue on the front.

Gorgeous addition to the quilts for the Veterans’ Day dinner. My thanks to you and Arlyn for your generous support.

I was able to find time today to get the binding on this awesome quilt from Sharon D in NJ.

Yes, it is another patriotic quilt. I love how she incorporated hearts and homes with some log cabin blocks to create this quilt. The pieces of the log cabin blocks are larger and give it a more modern look. However, I went with a vintage motif, a Baptist fan, with white thread for the quilting.

I think thiink the combination looks really nice. I am not sure where the backing came from but it lends to the patriotic theme of the quilt.

My thanks to you, Sharon, and the backing contributor for the wonderful pieces to another quilt for the Veterans Day dinner event.

These are all fun to look at. Thanks for your work and for the eye candy, Ray. I love the quilts from the mail..and love the finished quilts as well. MANY-MANY thanks to those of you who send quilt tops to Ray and others. Without you, the community quilt project just couldn’t happen.

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Such beautiful quilts! The 3-D quilt is fascinating and would so fun to make. Great work on all – Thanks!

  2. I can’t read your “What I’m Working On” post this morning. The preview comes through just fine with your mini tomatoes needle minders (cute!) but when I click on Read more I get gobbledygook. And I get the same thing when I click on the comments. The gobbledygook doesn’t even look like it has anything to do with your current post because Pancho and Lefty were mentioned. Hope this helps. Reading on my iPhone this morning.

  3. Jo, do you or Kayla have any idea why some posts come up as “code” gibberish? It seems to be happening with greater frequency when clicking on “read more”.

    Cute mini ‘maters on 7/31 as far as I could read……

  4. Jo, 2 of the 3 posts today were written in a language other than English. This has been happening about 1/2 the time for several weeks now.

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