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Ray is cranking out quilts right and left. Once the snowbirds leave Florida and he’s not finishing quilts for them, Ray keeps his longarm running by doing LOTS of charity quilts. He’s definitely one hardworking man!! Here are today’s quilts.

Ray writes:

I have a beautiful Scottie dog quilt for you today courtesy of Patty K in FL.

She made this top for me to finish and to donate to Quilts of  Kids. Those have got to be some of the cutest Scotties around.

I used a stipple motif and white thread for the quilting.

My thanks to you and Patty for the support to finish the quilt and to Sew and Sew to bind.

Sometimes I can get very organized and other times organization is totally foreign to me. I am trying a different approach to allow some spontaneity along with organization. I have several projects that I need to get completed but still want to get a quilt finished. I found a stack of small quilts from Patty K. in FL that are to go to Quilts for Kids and that the Sew and Sew ladies will bind for me. Win, win!! More time for projects and still get a quilt finished.

This quilt from Patty is called Dancing Elephants.

They are adorable in their bright colors and solid color block in a block pattern. The white sashing is the perfect touch. Patty says the white sashing is from Nancy K.

I found some soft yellow flannel for the backing. Add some white thread in a stipple motif and you have an adorable baby quilt. My thanks to you, Patty, and Nancy for the pieces to another special quilt.

When I asked your blog readers for some red, white and blue quilt tops to finish for veterans, I never dreamed the response would be so great. Thank you very much for each and every one. They are all beautiful and special and I am starting to get them on my longarming schedule so I can be sure to have them all ready by November.

The first quilt top I received was from Barbara E. in FL and it was only proper to finish it first.

Love and appreciate all those blocks that were pieced into the quilt. The blue star borders really are the special touch that the quilt deserved. To build on the blue borders, I selected the star meander motif with a dark blue thread.

I used a bone-colored thread on the back to blend in with the wonderful backing that was sent to me. I found some dark blue fabric to use for the binding.

Awesome quilt!! My thanks to you, Barbara, and the backing provider for the parts to this very special quilt.

I love all of these quilts. Ray does amazing work. Many thanks to everyone who made tops and donated them as well as thanks to the people who provided backing and other necessities to make these quilts happen.

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  1. Such darling quilts for the kids. I think the Scotties are adorable! Thanks, Ray and Patty for your beautiful work and Barbara for the beautiful red, white and blue quilt.

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