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You all have been flooding Ray with mail. It’s been wonderful. He’s been sharing it all with me and today, I’m sharing it all with you.

Ray writes:
I received a box in the mail today from Robin B. in UT. Inside was a beautiful red, white, and blue quilt as well as a very special note. The note says her son is currently stationed at Fort Douglas and that he has served in Kuwait and twice in Afghanistan. WOW!! Robin’s quilt is a sampler quilt with a lot of very interesting blocks and lots of gorgeous fabrics. It measures 58 x 69.

Thank you Robin for the quilt and tell your son thank you for his service.

Today’s mail brought a box from Arlyn P in NY. In it were 4 beautiful quilt tops.

The first top was a red, white and blue top. Arlyn says the pattern is called QOV Stars Quilt from Pine Point Designs. The placement of the stars and the design are awesome. It measures 60 x 72.

The second red, white and blue top is called Star Trails from A Bright Corner. OMG!! check out all those beautiful small blocks that make up the quilt. I can not begin to imagine the time that went into piecing that top. It is definitely spectacular to see. It measures 60 x 75.

The third top totally blows my mind with all the small pieces that went into each of the stars. The background fabric and the piano border are perfect for this top. Bring on the color! It measures 50 x 50.

The last top is the sweetest baby quilt top.All the vintage, pastel fabrics that are in it are so special. It is absolutely adorable. It measures 49 x 49.

Many thanks to Arlyn for her support.

I received a box in the mail today from Carole H in MD with three red, white and blue quilts that are beautiful. She also included backing and binding for them.

First is a medallion-style quilt. I love the geometrics in this one starting with the centerpiece and then in a border. The white stars on blue and the red and white striped HSTs really set this quilt off. It measures 58 x 58.

The sawtooth stars as a border make a statement in this quilt. The marbled blue fabric is the perfect touch. It measures 56 x 63.

The pinwheels in the third quilt are awesome. Love the stars and stripes on the top and bottom. Beautiful. It measures 56 x 69.

Thank you Carole for these wonderful quilt tops.

Annie M in WA contacted me about making a red, white, and blue quilt for the Veterans’ dinner. She said she had some ideas and would get something put together. Well, the next thing I know I get an email from Julie W. in TX. She long-distance quilts with Annie and is making a quilt also. These two ladies often work on quilts together. From what I can tell, Annie came up with a couple of quilt designs that are somewhat similar but still unique. Julie’s came last week and Annie’s came today.

Julie’s quilt top measures 78 x 90 and utilizes a white background fabric with red pin dots. She used an Irish chain connector block in hers.

Annie’s quilt top measures 69 x 80 and has a more vintage look to the fabrics. Amazing what a different connector block and different fabrics can have.

My thanks to both for the tops, binding, and backing.

WOW! You have been so busy working to answer Ray’s call for quilt tops. I’m impressed. Over the upcoming months leading to Veteran’s Day, Ray will be working to finish these tops so they the quilts can be donated to his local Veteran’s Day recognition. You all are teaming up to do some great work!! THANKS so much for supporting Ray and the community quilt project!!

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Robin B made a beautiful sampler! I’m making one now and would love to know what pattern book/s she used. Annie and Julie designed and made amazing quilts! Every one of these tops is incredible!—a real tribute to our veterans!

  2. Sharon Browne

    I really love Julie’s star quilts, especially the first one! If that is not a pattern, it should be. They would be perfect quilts of valor.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, You have been sent some lovely tops to finish! What a great feeling it must be to receive them. Thank you for all you do for Veterans and they appreciate it also.

  4. Shelley Freeman

    Julie’s QOV with the 2 different star blocks is absolutely stunning. I’ve made patriotic themed quilts for several of my family members, as we have many, many years of military service in my family and my husband’s family, (they are technically not QOV quilts as you can’t present them to someone you are related to). I’d love to have the pattern for this quilt, if it’s possible. (and happy to pay for it). I’m not sure from Ray’s comments whether Julie designed it or if Annie designed it – it’s beautiful.

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