Community Quilts from Ray

Yahoo!!  I have quilts from Ray today.

Ray writes:
This is the first of two Mickey Mouse quilts that I have completed this week. This top came from Arline in North Fort Myers, FL.

She must live just across the Caloosahatchee River from me. She did a wonderful job of piecing this quilt with all of its triangles. The colors she chose are absolutely perfect. What a fun quilt! I decided to use the balloon pattern so the Mickies would have balloon strings to chase and, of course, they needed to chase red balloons.

The backing was a wonderful match and came from Deb and Pat in FL. Welcome to Florida and Disneyland!.

My thanks to you, Arline, Deb, and Pat for providing me with these items to make this quilt. I am sure it will be loved for years by a child via a donation.

Now the next quilt…

Ray writes:

“I finally got the binding sewn on the second Mickey Mouse quilt. This one is also from Arline in North Fort Myers, FL.

The two quilts are very similar but yet quite different. They are both based on the blue gingham fabric with lots of Mickeys on it. The first one was set with triangles. This one is rectangular. I used the same balloon quilting motif with red thread.

However, I altered the pattern so that the balloons staggered from one row to the next and then nested the rows together some. Since this quilt was not as busy with the triangles I decided to dress it up a bit with the altered motif. I am very pleased with how it turned out. This one has the same backing as the first which came from Deb and Pat in FL.

Many thanks to Jo, Arline, Deb, and Pat for the materials to complete this donation quilt.”

I knew immediately when these quilts came in that they should go to Ray.  I’m sure kids in Florida love Mickey even more as I’m sure it’s much easier for the to go see him at Disneyland.  Ray and Arline sure did team up to make some fun quilts!!


12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. What a surprise to see the amazing job Ray did with the tops I sent too bad I don’t have a local address to get others to him since we are practically neighbors think of the postage we could save.

  2. I ,love the second Mickey quilt. Really simple but adorable. I am sure some little toddler will be totally in heaven with it and hope they gets lots of comfort from it.

  3. Arline the two quilt tops are outstanding! Ray did such a good jobs quilting them. I love to read about his thought process that happens when he quilts a quilt. The backing on these quilts finished two beautiful quilts. Nothing like a village getting a job done.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    the Mi key quiltz are outstanding in everyway! It’s easy to see that everyone involved loves their “hobby”. I like the way you plan Ray. I have yet to see a quilt you’ve done that didn’t flower with beauty.

  5. What great Mickey quilts! The balloons are perfect to quilt them with, too. Some young people are going to be very happy to receive them.

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