Community Quilts from Peggy

Do you remember when I sent out ALL of the quilt tops??  Well it wasn’t a race to complete them and it never is…but, Peggy is the first one to send in finished tops.

Peggy writes:
“I have completed 3 of the 6 quilts you recently sent me. I am including photos and info for your reference.

I will be donating these to the St. Louis Crisis Nursery in St. Louis, MO.
I am enjoying seeing the different quilt tops, they are all so pretty and cheerful, thanks to those who made them.
1. Blue and yellow quilt, approx 56×54″.

Used a turquoise fleece backing with turquoise thread.

I used a wavy stitch to quilt it and some coordinating white and aqua fabric for the binding.

2. Black and orange quilt, approx 43×42″.

Backed with an orange fleece and bound with a black and white binding. Quilted with white thread in a straight line X and box pattern.

3. Purple and white polka dot quilt, approx 50×42.

Backed with a purple fleece and bound with a purple butterfly print.  Quilted with light purple thread in a wavy stitch pattern.

Thanks so much. I will send photos of the rest when completed and will request more at that time. I have a source for free fabric here in St. Louis called Sharity Charity that is a big help.”

This is so awesome to be in contact with a new finisher and start a new relationship with her.  I just love that!! THANKS Peggy!!  I hope you all take the time to welcome her and thank her for helping.  A HUGE shout out to the Cresco Ladies as I believe all of these tops came from them!!

10 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Peggy”

  1. Beautiful job, Peggy! Those quilts turned out gorgeous, and there are some folks who will be very happy (and warmer) when they receive their quilts — thanks to Peggy and all behind the scenes (Cresco ladies and many, many others). We all enjoy the online quilt shows, too!

  2. A woman after my own heart! Wavy line stitching is my favorite for quilting. Very nice finishes, Peggy.

  3. H Peggy! I enjoyed seeing your work today. You did a lot already, finishing up three pretty quilts and moving them along where they can do some good. Nice quilts!

  4. Those look lovely! I’m wondering, it’s that wavy line stitching done by you freehand? I can barely keep my straight line stitching straight, let alone make nice freehand waves lol!!

  5. Marsha from Kansas

    Wonderful quilts for the little ones. Looking forward to seeing your magic with the three remaining tops. Thanks, Jo, for finding another baby quilt quilter to be an inspiration to me as I like to make tops for charity groups in my area. Welcome, Peggy.

  6. Barbara Yarnell

    Great job, Peggy! I’m so glad to hear that others are still working on the donation quilts that got sent out besides me…

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