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I have a wonderful post to share with you today!!  You all might remember Jazz who finishes quilts for the hospital in Houston, well blog reader Louise was excited about the hospital and wanted to support the cause.

I’ll let Jazz tell the story.  She writes:
Look. At. These.

A while back Louise Giebner from South Carolina, a follower of Jo’s Country Junction, emailed me saying she had some crocheted blankets. She asked me if I thought the hospital I sew for, Ben Taub Hospital here in Houston, Texas could use them. Of course, they can! Ben Taub is one of the biggest and busiest indigent hospitals in the United States of America. They are in the middle of the famous Texas Medical Center, participating in the same world-class research and cutting-edge medical care as the private hospitals, but Ben Taub does it for the sickest and poorest patients with the meager allowance provided by Harris County.

So Louise sent me these exquisitely created blankets. Friends, these are dazzling, gorgeous handiworks. This is one of those times I wish I knew a professional photographer who could do justice to her work. Take a look.


This one is about 40” x 40”,  white and very light blues and green shades. The softness of the yarn, the colors, and the stitches are all just luscious.

This one is my favorite (I think; everyone is singularly fantastic). It’s about 46” x 46” a confection of white with blue, grey, and lavender. Look at edging!

Here’s another beauty, multi-pastels and white, yellow, and more blue and green, soft gray. It measures about  40” x 45”.

And look at this delicate pink one! 42” x 48” with lots of detail and texture.

But that’s not all! Her friends, The Northeast Presbyterian Quilters made eight – eight! – beautiful baby quilts for the newborns of Ben Taub Hospital.

The first one is… a print of antique locomotives and green, blue. and white nine-patches. It’s about a 36” square.

This one is a 1950s reproduction of “See Jane run. See Dick run. Run, run, run.” It measures about 46” x  48” and is backed with a vibrant pink.

This colorful cutie is a center of  47” x 47” scene of comical frogs working at gardening. It’s surrounded by light green and bordered with bright HSTs. The back is pretty enough to be the front.


Here are two more ‘50s era prints featuring kids and trains. They finished at about 40” x 40” each.

Here’s another quilt with cartoon animals on a green background and brown and brick-red nine-patches with a beautiful back. 40” x 40”.

This is another charming juvenile cartoon print with whirly gigs. The back is orange and blue, and it finished at about 40” x 40”.

This last one is a blue, yellow, and tan The Cow that Jumped Over the Moon motif. 40” x 40”.

Each quilt was lovingly labeled, stitched with coordinating thread with different designs, and hand-hemmed. They are sure to be instant heirlooms, remembrances of when a new baby was born and traveled home in a beautiful crocheted blanket or quilt.
If any other readers are desirous of donating tax-deductible new quilts, infant hats, blankets, quilts or adult lap blankets or quilts to Ben Taub Hospital, please address them directly to:

Ms. Seante Johnson, CNP

Tangible Gifting Coordinator

Ben Taub Hospital
1504 Taub Loop
Houston, Texas 77030

 Or email:

And please include an itemized list indicating the quantity and description of gifts, your name, address, phone number, and email. If you intend to list on your income tax, also detail the estimated value of your donation.”

OH WOW!  This post just shows that love is contagious!  Jazz’s love for newborns going home from Ben Taub Hospital and her great work supporting them has spilled over into even more blog readers wanting to support the facility.  I just love when people are enthusiastic about a project and they inspire even more to do good!!  Many thanks to Louise and her group of helpers for their wonderful work.  How inspiring!!

If anyone else wants to help support the hospital, please use the info Jazz provided above.  If you want your projects to be shared here on the blog, you are welcome to write something up and include pictures as Jazz did here, and then send it to me.  I’ll try to include as many as I can here on the blog.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Louise”

  1. WOW! Such wonderful blankets and quilts and for a such an important cause. So great to see such generosity that will bless such little ones. Thanks to all!

  2. The crotchet and knitted baby blankets are beautiful and will be loved by those who get one. What a kind gesture to ask if they could be used at Jazz favorite hospital. The baby quilts are super cute, and I loved seeing them all. Bravo ladies, your kindness will be felt by many.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Jazz, I know how excited you must have been to present these beautifully made blankets and quilts to
    Ben Taub. Thanks Louise and Northeast Presbyterian Church Quilters for these gifts that will mean so much to those that receive them!

  4. Jazz, just by being there with your quilts you have projected your good works onto another group who have done beautiful crocheted blankets and fascinating quilts for needy infants. You are a jewel with all your quilts. I am amazed at the amount of work you get done. God bless you!

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