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A big ago I got an email from blog reader Lori.  In the past Lori has helped by binding quilts that I long armed and then donating them onto ShareHouse of Fargo in ND who offers Chemical, Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Dependency Treatment & Recovery Services For Adults thru Inpatient & Outpatient Services.  I’ve always thought it to be a worth place to support.  Well Lori now has her own longarm and offered to quilt some tops too.  AWESOME. I am always looking for more longarmers.  Lori is primarily looking for twin sized quilt tops and a few came in so I sent them to Lori.

Lori writes:
I have three quilts that I will be bringing to Sharehouse probably this week.

This first quilt top was one that you sent to me, it is 67” x 89″.  I do not know who made this nicely pieced top.  I think you said it was from Iowa.  It is a lovely top that will be loved by a resident at Sharehouse.

I have asked that the residents get to keep the quilts that we donate.  Since this quilt was flowery, I added a random feathery quilting design.

Linda White (you had lined her up for me, thank you!) had contacted me and very graciously sent me a few backs.  I used her stripe fabric for the back, and since it wasn’t quite large enough, I added a teal piece to the back, which I also used for the binding.

The next quilt…

I love this quilt, what a classic!

As simple scrappy quilts are still a favorite of mine. Those little four patches finish at 3”. You sent this quilt top to me and it had Barbara’s name pinned to it.

This was wonderfully pieced, pressed and stitched all the way around 1/4” from the edge and a dream to quilt.  Linda White supplied the backing for this quilt as well.

 Since the backing fabric was brown with white, I felt it went nicely with the white blocks in the quilt.  There was enough backing left over to bind the quilt.

This quilt is 73” x 97”.”

We’re lucky today…there is a third quilt also finished by Lori…

I believe this quilt top was made by someone in Iowa.  When you contacted me about this quilt top, I had you send it to my sister-in-law, Lori (yes, we have the same first name) in Colorado.

 Lori felt this quilt top needed a little more length, so she added a row of blocks.  These blocks were foundation pieced.  Lori had never done that technique before, but she did great, I couldn’t even tell which blocks she made.

Lori also added the border, supplied the binding and put together the back, which I think would have been great as another top.  The last photo is the backing.  A great batik fabric was used for the largest part with more batiks pieced in.  This quilt is 77” x 99”!  All I did was quilt and bind.

Thank you Jo, for all the volunteering and donating that you do and coordinating the rest of us to get more quilts completed.  Thank you.”

WOW…I’m so excited to see these and so excited for the people of Sharehouse who will get to use them.  Addiction is hard…I hope the quilts can remind them when they get in a tough spot, people are cheering them on to make good choices.

That’s to Lori and her sister in law Lori for completing these and to the people who made the tops.


9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Lori”

  1. Wonderful quilt tops and great finishes from the 2 Lori’s. I so enjoy hearing how quilting is supporting others in need.

  2. Beautiful quilts everyone! I especially love the four patch! I need to make one of those! Thanks everyone for inspiring and being so generous!

  3. Those are beautiful quilts. And Lori was right about the backing for the last quilt, it could have been used as a top. Thanks to all involved in making these lovelies. Jo, thanks to you for sharing.

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