Community Quilts from Lori and Dori

I have the prettiest, brightest quilt to share with you.  Lori and Dori teamed up again to make an amazing quilt that will be donated to Sharehouse, a facility that helps people who are battling addiction.  Lori works hard to support the people there and with the help of great people like Dori, much good is being done there.

Lori writes:
Dori J. from Washington state had contacted you and you gave her my email address and she asked if she could send me this string top.  It was a lovely string quilt top.

 I asked Dori for a bit of information about it and this is what she sent.

“I got the pattern and tutorial from “The way I Sew It” blog.   It is a Double Pinwheel.   I originally saved the pattern from 2010. She has made quite a few string quilts.”   

Dori also said that she has made many string quilts and had previously sent one my way for Sharehouse.  Thank you Dori for your generosity.  It takes a village.

I had this blue floral fabric in my stash, it was almost big enough for the back, so I added a bit to it.
Since the back was blue with a bit of yellow I think it complimented the sashing and border of the quilt very nicely. Dori had also sent the binding fabric with the quilt top which I was thankful for. 

The first photo shows the “‘real” colors of the fabric. The “background” fabric is a creamy/tan color with texture to it and looked very nice with all the scrappy fabrics along with the blue sashing and pops of red, makes a very attractive quilt!

I feel honored to be able to give this quilt to someone in need.  It really gives me a good feeling.”

What a great quilt and an awesome way to use scraps!!  Not only do Lori and Dori have rhyming names, but they can also make GREAT quilts together.  Thanks, ladies.  Well done!!

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    1. This was in the article: “I got the pattern and tutorial from “The way I Sew It” blog. It is a Double Pinwheel.” I did a search for that blog and found it. There is a tab for ‘Tutorials and Pattern’ – you can find it there.

  1. Amazing teamwork and such a fabulous quilt. Those colors. Very striking. May it be a source of hope and comfort to the recipient as they battle to win the mastery over addiction.


    I love this quilt. It is really pretty. I did a search for double pinwheel blocks. I could find a plain double pinwheel but could not find any with string-pieced pieces. Is there another name for this pattern that I can search for?
    Thank you, Virginia

  3. I was just thinking. Would it work for some of the finishers, if we sent gift cards from JoAnns or the like to them for supplies instead of actual backings which are costly to ship? I am thinking of Lori. They could get a tax free account set up through one of the organizations they work for. Just a thought. Happy Creating.

  4. It makes my heart happy to see the beautiful quilt Dori made from my tutorial! I especially love the way she used red in the sashing to make the extra pinwheels there. It really adds a lot. I may have to revisit/make this one again myself, and see if I can simplify it a bit. It was an early quilt for me, and maybe I’ve learned a couple things since then.

  5. Love the double pinwheel quilt. I just see friendship stars …. some red, some strings. Thank you for sharing.

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