Community Quilts from Lori and Adele

Lori sent me an email while I was in the hospital. I’m finally just now getting to putting it together into a blog post.

Lori writes:
Hi Jo,
I have received three donation quilt tops from Adele in Utah. Adele always sends with backings and binding which I appreciate so much, THANK YOU Adele.   As you may recall, Adele has previously sent me several quilt tops/backings, as always, they are lovely.  This first one in pinks and browns looks to be a sort of jelly roll quilt, except three star blocks that are a bit hidden off to the right. 

So pretty. 

You can see the sun was shining through the window when I was taking photos.  This quilt seems to be an extra long twin.

The backing for this quilt is a pink print and is 108” wide.  There will be enough backing left over to use as the binding.   

If you notice on the edge seams Adele backstitches so that the seams don’t fray while being handled or on the Longarm frame.  Thank you!  And look at those nice 1/4” seams.

The second quilt is a blue 25 patch.  This classic quilt is square.

Adele included the light blue backing which is also 108” wide.  The blue and white stripe will be the binding.

The third quilt is beautiful and square, I have not seem this pattern before, but isn’t it pretty.

Included with this quilt is 108” wide backing and floral binding. 

Here is the third quilt from Adele.

Wow. What a pretty quilt.

Again backing and binding fabric. Thank you Adele for your generous donations. 

When completed I will bring the quilts to Sharehouse, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation residency.  I have gotten thank you notes from some of the residents and they really touch my heart.

A friend of mine recently donated these pretty backings for some of the quilt tops that I have received.  She asked me what colors of backings I needed. And I replied, anything works, I have had backings that I thought, what top would ever go with this fabric and before long I would receive a top that works with it.  Just like it was meant to be.  So thank you AnnaMae for the generous donation of backings.  It takes a team to complete the quilts.

 I’ve been organizing my sewing room and that took me about a month, now I’m loving having it clean and organized. 

The third quilt in blue is my favorite for sure!! I’m so impressed with these great donations. It makes my heart happy that so many of you are sending quilts directly to the finishers. It has been a great relief to the postage fund and a great relief to my work load. I was so worried that the community quilt project would slow after I requested that people sent quilts directly to finishers…but it hasn’t. The community quilt project is still going strong. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Lori and Adele”

  1. What a great team Lori and Adele make! The Sharehouse residents will really appreciate these, I’m sure.

  2. The blue one is my favorite, too – I love how the backing coordinates so well. And, in the stack of backings, I like the bottom one most. It’s so great to have these donors and finishers working together.

  3. Leslie Nellermoe

    I love the third quilt. Jo is there a way to ask Lori to ask Adele whether she used a pattern for it? Thank you.

  4. What lovely quilts. They are all very pretty but I really like pinks and browns together. How wonderful that Adele includes the backings and bindings. Such a great help. Thank you Lori and Adele for making and finishing these quilts so others will feel the warmth and love from somebody.

  5. Lori & Adele are a terrific team! What fabulous quilts! I love pink & brown quilts so that was my favorite. But I truly love all of them! Thanks for sharing them!
    PS: that striped fabric will be perfect for binding the blue quilt! You can’t beat a striped binding!

  6. Would you email me the list of finishers, please? I have some tops and backings that I’d like to donate. Will send a check so finisher can purchase batting.
    Thank you…

  7. Absolutely wonderful quilts. Someone will be Blessed. It’s wonderful how people are helping to provide these treasures of comfort in our not so nice world. Bless the hands that sew and those who receive them.

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