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I love emails from Lori. It’s like Christmas!! She always does wonderful work and always does a nice little write-up for me to share about the quilts she finishes. I so appreciate her work all the way around, in the quilting, sharing, and the writing!! Here are her latest two finishes.
Lori writes:

I finished two Sharehouse quilts a couple of weeks ago and just finished taking photos of them today.  I took lots of photos since I am not the best photographer, so I hope to get a couple of good ones out of all that I took.  

Both quilts are from Adele in Utah.   I have gotten several quilt tops, backs, and bindings from Adele and they are all lovely and made so nicely.  The fabrics are so pretty.  They aren’t the fabrics that I typically sew with and that makes it fun to quilt.  

This quilt measures 80” x 80”, and has Pellon batting in it.  Jo sent me the batting, which I have never used before, it has a heft to it, which I really like.  Since the fabrics were quite busy, I quilted a large meander with a lavender thread.
The back that Adele sent with this quilt was 108” wide and lavender in color, I typically don’t work with the wide backings either, but boy are they nice to work with.  Adele also sent with the binding and I’m very thankful for that, I don’t think that anything that I had in my stash would complement the quilt like the binding that Adele sent.

This first picture was taken inside and the colors are much brighter than it looks here.

These next pictures were taken outside and look darker than they actually are, ugh!

In the picture below, there was actually a butterfly that landed on the flowers in the quilt.  I know it was there but can’t quite see it now.  Look at the pretty binding.

Now, these photos look how they actually look.  Isn’t it just the prettiest ever?

I know Jo always says, I think this might be my favorite quilt ever!  She says it all the time.  That is how I feel about the Sharehouse quilts, they are just so lovely.

Here is the second quilt.  The quilt top, backing, and binding were sent to me from Adele in Utah.  It is 85” x 86” and is made of Civil War fabrics.  Love these fabrics.  A lot of the time when I make quilts for myself, I choose Civil War fabrics, and the fabrics that Adele chose are lovely.  Adele sent 108” wide backing and that is really nice to work with.

I quilted a nice big meander with a golden brown thread that coordinates with the binding.  I almost always machine-stitch my bindings.

Aren’t these fabrics pretty?

These quilts are a very nice generous size that can used on beds.  I believe I have finished at least six quilts that Adele has sent to me.  Thank you Adele for sending the quilts to me to finish.  The residents at Sharehouse (an alcohol and drug rehab facility) will surely treasure these quilts.  And thanks also to Jo for coordinating the quilters!  We couldn’t finish all these quilts without your guidance.
It takes a village!

I loved both of these…both with such different fabrics. The floral quilt looks so feminine and the reproduction fabrics look so masculine. It’s fun to see the two quilts in the same blog post.

Thanks for your hard work Lori and a big shout out to Adele…beautiful color choices on the quilts and wonderful work. Let’s hope these two quilts will be a long-term reminder to their recipients of their commitment to stay sober.

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  1. Beautiful quilts Lori and Adele, thanks for sharing your skills and time. Someone will be very happy with the warmth it will provide.

  2. Lovely quilts! Jo, when I click on the “Ms Pins Media” button at the bottom right of this page, it takes me to a Chinese manufacturing website.

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