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I have quilts from Lori to share with your today. Lori finished twin and larger sized quilt and donates them to Sharehouse a facility that helps people work through their addictions.

Lori writes:
This first quilt top was sent to me last week, since it was on top of the pile, I decided to quilt it right away, it was light and bright and springy.

 The quilt top is 62” X 72” and is just so pretty.  The backing and the binding was also sent with the top.  I especially appreciate when the binding and backing are included. 

THANK YOU to the generous quilter that sent this to me to finish.  I believe the quilt top maker mentioned that she started with a “strawberry fields” jelly roll and added coordinating fabrics to make the top larger. She did a great job coordinating the fabric.

I believe the quilt design that I used on the quilt is called beaded curtain.  It is the first time I used it and think it adds to the femininity of the quilt.

This second quilt top was sent to me from Adele.

 I believe it looks very similar to pictures that I sent you just a couple months ago, but this is a totally different quilt.  I thought this was a Thimbleberries quilt, but I’m just not sure.

It is just lovely and constructed so nicely.  The backing was also sent by Adele.  THANK YOU Adele!  

The binding was left over from a backing that Adele had also sent.  This quilt is generously sized at 80” x 80”.

Thank you Jo, Adele and the other quilter for giving me the opportunity to donate these lovely quilts.

Many thanks to Lori…she always does such a wonderful job with finishing these quilts. I’m always impressed. Thanks to the Adele and the generous blog reader who sent the other top…if it’s you let us know in the comment section. We’d love to publicly thank you.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Lori”

  1. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    Beautiful quilts, both the makers should be so happy with the finishing touches Lori added. Great work to make life better for others. Congratulations

  2. I love seeing all these quilts knowing how much care was put in to each one and how they will wrap the recipients in love. Thank you Lori, Jo, and all who contribute.

  3. I have a couple of bigger quilts tops with backing and binding I’d like to send to Lori to finish and donate. Can you let me know how to connect her or give me her address so I can mail them to her. Thanks
    Ruth Carter in CA

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