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Lori send it a super nice quilt top that turned out great.  Lori works with Sharehouse an amazing organization that helps people work through addiction.  They request that all tops be at least twin-sized.

Lori writes:
This is the latest quilt that I put together with the help of you and one of your generous quilting friends. This was a nice big quilt, 84” x 84”.

I looked in my stash and found… the blue backing fabric that looked liked the blue in the quilt. I used that blue for the backing and binding.  With the quilt being 84” long, I needed to…
add a strip in the backing to give it a little more length.

I do my binding by machine, but stitch it on the back first, then turn it to the front and stitch it. I try to match my top thread to the binding of the quilt and match the bobbin thread to the backing of the quilt.”

I think the quilt turned out great!!  Lori always does some great work.

Lori and I both recieved an wonderful letter and thank you from Sharehouse.  I would love to share it with you but for privacy reasons, I am not.

One of the people who went through the program wrote us a note thanking us for the quilt.  It was a real tear jerker of a story….so much so that I let our son Karl read it and he too got teary eyed.

Supported people through addiction is hard but so rewarding.  I’m so thankful that Lori picked up this cause and allows all of us to help too.

Donations of twin sized quilt tops or larger are exactly what Lori needs.

I think these quilts are the gift that keeps giving.  They are a wonderful reminder to people who have moved out of the program and into a new chapter that people are around to support them when time gets tough.

Many thanks to Lori for introducing us all to Sharehouse.  Thanks for her hard work and to the generosity of the person who made this quilt top.

14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Lori”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Beautiful quilt and lovely quilting! It will definitely let someone know that they are cared for and worthy of love. I do really love it when donation quilts like this are as beautiful as the ones we make to give as a gift to family and friends. Job well done!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Awowzer of a quilt! Beautiful and beautifully quilted. What a gift of love. When you’re battling a habit that grips every part of you having some one say I live you with a quilt gives you extra armor to continue the battle. So glad for places like Sharehouse and quilters that donate to causes that are good.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Lori did a great job finishing it too. I can only imagine what a blessing this quilt was or will be to the fortunate recipient. Thanks to all who made this happen – you are a blessing to others!!

  4. The letter of gratitude shows good character in the writer. Our church quilters support several organizations that help local people get on their feet again. The quilt and photography are superb.

  5. That quilt is beautiful. And would be easier to do to cut a full strip of the color, like pink, sew 1 1/2′ strips of white to each side, and then cut into 1 1/2″ widths. Wouldn’t you like to write a blog on how to do that? Carol

  6. Amazing beautiful gift and program. When I was a younger sprout I took care of the discarded children of addicted parents, it was also important to make them feel loved and worthy to help them avoid the addiction path and love their parents with compassion. I wish I had been a quilter then, so they could have taken a reminder home.
    So many hurting Americans, I am grateful to these people.

  7. Beautiful quilt, quilting and a wonderful place to find its home-to show somebody how much others DO CARE. What a blessing all those are that give their time, talents and the quilts/stashes/leftovers etc. to all those so much in need.

  8. My MIL made this top and had put a wide reproduction border on it. I did not feel the border went with or enhanced the top at all so I took it off. Lori did a WONDERFUL job on this quilt top. It is totally transformed from what I remember when I donated it to Jo. So happy it went to a worthy recipient. I hope it brings them much love and warmth.

    1. Ohhh, thank you Sarah and your MIL for donating this top so that I could finish it and donate it. This isn’t possible without people like YOU!

      It is a lovely quilt for someone special at Sharehouse.

  9. The quilt is beautiful so I bet you don’t mind doing the back or binding. This charity sounds wonderful.
    I have done quilts for YES -a youth group for when they get out of foster care.

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