Community Quilts from Lori

I got an email from Lori sharing two great community quilts.  They have a nice story to go with them too.

Lori writes:
You surprised me with two quilt tops in the mail.  I love getting packages in the mail!  I laid them out on the floor, here is the first one. What fun bright fabrics, this was perfect to work on during a couple dreary days.  This is the first of two tops that Maryann sent to you and you forwarded on to me.  As this top was on the floor, I was trying to decide if I should add a bit to all sided to make it a bit bigger for Sharehouse, I didn’t really have fabric to do that.   It is always fun to figure out this challenge.  The next morning, I was talking to my sister and I was telling her about the donation tops that you send me.  She in turn mentioned that a family in a nearby town had just lost their home to a fire and this family was members of the same church that her daughter (my niece) belonged to.  Ah ha!  This family had kids, and these two quilt tops that weren’t quite big enough for Sharehouse would be a great size for the kids of the family.  It was meant to be!  I hope this is okay with you and Maryann that they are going to fire victims vs. Sharehouse.

I normally don’t work with such bright fun fabrics so this was a treat.

 I used a bright pink thread and flower and heart design to quilt it.

I had a piece of fabric that was just big enough for the back and binding (again, it was meant to be), just put a piece of contrasting fabric in the back to make the back long enough.

I think it looks good.”

Here is the second quilt that Maryann sent.  Lori writes:

It has wonderful sporting designs, soccer, football, basketball and baseball.

This quilt would have been good for Sharehouse but even better for a boy.

The fabric that I had for the backing and binding went with the quilt top pretty well. By the time I had the backing pieced, I had a yard left of the fabric and wanted to use it up, so I made the binding wider, as there weren’t any points to cut off on the edge this worked and showed off the stripe fabric a bit more.

The quilting design that I used had basketballs and stars in it, which I think a boy would love also.

Once I got these two quilts done, I just knew that they would be perfect for the fire victim family, it felt so good and I was honored to be able to provide them with these quilts.
I quickly got these quilts finished and delivered to my niece to be deliver to the family in a few days.   My niece was thrilled to be able to give these quilts to the family. Thank you Jo and Maryann for providing me the opportunity to help out this family.  It was meant to be

I totally agree.  It was meant to be.  Anytime any quilts are sent out to finishers, I always trust that the finishers will do whatever is best for the quilts.  These were perfect for people who endured a house fire.  I’m so glad they were able to get them.  Thanks so much to Maryann for sending the tops and to Lori for finishing…I am positive it was meant to be!!



15 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Lori”

  1. These quilts will be a blessing to this family that will receive them, the quilts are beautiful. The quilters that worked on them are so talented. What great work everyone involved is doing. I am sure it was meant to be too!

  2. Bonnie F. in CT

    What great quilts, so vibrant! They say that things will get better and there are good days ahead. Nice job and indeed, ” it was meant to be!” God bless the makers, facilitators and the recipients!

    1. Margaret Garney

      Beautiful quilt guess I be back to quilting as Soon as this old gal get on the mend from back surgery I really like this bold colored quilt

  3. Very nice quilts and quilting. The quilts are going where they are needed and that is what it’s all about! Great work by all!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I like that bright quilt and the sports themed quilt. Both are great for youngsters and are the kind that they will take with them as they grow up. Well done everyone.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Beautifully done Maryann and Lori from the first stitch to the last! This gift of quilts will be a lasting memory for the children.

  6. Speaking from experience, when you lose everything having one wonderful thing is a joy. One great quilt keeps hope alive. Lori and all the people who helped desevere a big hug.

  7. The quilts will bring love and comfort to the children. The message of love, hope and care is the amazing gift . Thank you for continuing this quest.

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