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Lori has been busy…and I’ve been being slow. I am not the best at keeping up with email and got a little worse the end of February and into March. If I missed an email from you, please feel free to send the email again. I had missed some community quilt email and am finally getting back to them again.

Lori writes:
This is the latest quilt that I have completed with the help of Jean, thank you Jean for this great guys quilt!!

I believe this quilt top, backing and binding were from Jean in Wisconsin (please correct me if I am wrong).  Notice in this first photo the edge stitching. 

This is wonderful to see, as a long armer I don’t need to worry about the edge seams coming apart.  Thank you Jean.

I think this is a type of jelly roll quilt with some added details. 

 Those orange details really added a lot of interest to the quilt.   

The backing was large enough that I used some of it to add to the top and bottom to add a little length to the quilt.  There was still enough to use as binding.

Thank you Jean for donating this very attractive well made quilt.  It takes a team.

Thanks so much Lori…this turned out great. I agree it does make a great guys quilt. It’s often hard to make something that isn’t feminine looking. Way to go Jean!! I loved to see people teaming up to make great quilts!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts From Lori”

  1. What beautiful work Lori has done, both in her quilting and in bringing up the size of the quilt to fit the bed! Jean was able to make a quilt that fits a guy’s style, not an easy task when fabrics are often geared towards the tastes of their buyers – mostly women. Nice work team! I’m sure the recipient will feel the care being given him by these two talented ladies.

  2. this quilt is very similar to the Quilt of Valor recently to my husband except the color scheme of course. the patterns of the prints were also geared to USNavy.
    this particular pattern seems to be quite versatile. I would hope to be able to maintain such even seams on them if i attempted to do one like it.

  3. Hi I saw your post and was hoping for an update to your blood tests to see what your markers are after chemo. I love you quilting and needlework. I think about you often and hope you are feeling and doing well. Love your blog. Keep up the great work, Jo! Take care of yourself.

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