Community Quilts from Laurie

I have several quilts to share with you today.  A newer finisher named Laurie has a great bunch of finished quilts to share with us all.

Laurie tackled a few quilts from the Cresco ladies.  The first one is this doll quilt.

Laurie did a great job with the custom quilting.  Each segment of the quilt got its own special touch.  The quilt is 48”x53”.

This is the backing…

This next one was…

48” x 54”.  Check out the door of some of the houses.  These are little people in the doorway.  So cute and creative on the Cresco Ladies part!!

Here is the backing…

The next quilt is a Mickey Mouse special.  I love the fun quilting on this one too!

This is a baby quilt sized at 36” x 41”.

What a perfect backing.

Last for this post is this cute Princess quilt.  Laurie really made this come alive with her creative machine quilting.  I’m impressed!!

The quilt is 42” x 44”.

Laurie finished another quilt tops.  This one was from Carol in Florida.  Carol is a long-time blog reader.  It was so nice of her to send a top…

From the back, you can see Laurie’s great quilting.

Wow, what a great bunch of quilts…Thanks to those who donated tops and a huge thanks to Laurie for tackling all of these.  We are so blessed to have you as a finisher!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie”

  1. The quilts are beautiful and Laurie did an amazing job quilting them. I am always impressed with them and their generosity.

  2. Wow! Beautiful quilts and quilting. Those quilters are so very creative – love seeing all the quilts.

  3. Thanks for sharing Laurie’s work for the Community Quilts program, Jo. Many thanks to Laurie for investing her time in bringing these quilts to the finish line for the makers who created the quilt tops and for passing on a load of comfort to those in need!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    The Cresco Ladies and Laurie out did themselves with those quilts. I liked them all so much. I had the Disney Princess fabtic and used it freely on girl quilts. I never thought to applique them like that. The houses quilt with the welcoming people in the door way is great work . It makes the house quilt come alive.
    Thanks for shoaing these Jo.

  5. Laurie took great quilt tops and turned them into magic – great job! Whoever receives these will LOVE them!

  6. Laurie, your quilting makes these quilts standouts. Clever designs to start and now just wonderful. Thanks to all the makers for your efforts.

  7. Carolyn Sullivan

    I want to make a house quilt w little people in the doors! Where did sh/ he get that fabric????? So cute

  8. All of these quilts are really neat and creative—and the quilting Laurie did?? I love it!! Beautiful work.
    I’ll add my thanks too, to all the contributors. I wish I had such talent!!

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